finer regrowth?

Everyone keeps saying that after laser treatment the hair that grows back is finer…

True… it is… but im doubting that it stays that way… maybe for the first one or two stages of growth… but im betting eventually it will grow back to its original thickness…

I dont know… im just guessing… does anyone know for certain?

Mine did. Twice.

yeah dont do laser, it sucks. i had 6 treatments on my back and stomach and it cost me a truckload and it kinda of is thinner, but seriously. 6 treatments and no results?! stay away from Nuvo International for laser
maybe its just them, but i am very anti laser now

Dude Im just asking if it does come back thinner or if eventually the hair that doesnt fall out permanently grows back to its original thickness… Im not asking about wether it works or not…


Evidently you didn’t read my post. I said that the hairs of mine that fell out, grew back in “finer” and “thinner,” only to now return to their thickness before the treatment was ever performed. It has been a year for me, but it only took about 6-7 months for it to grow back to its original thickness.

All Tom was saying was that due to certain ineffencies, hair never had a chance to grow back thicker. That might answer a question or two as well.

Just an FYI: Nuvo has tons of bad reviews. They mostly use IPLs and not real lasers and their techs are notorious for not being trained enough and underpaid, so there are new ones all the time who don’t know what they are doing.

FYI: I didn’t use Nuvo.

Hi md1239.
I read this old post of your’s about your hair growing in finer after treatments only to grow to their original size within 6-7 months.
I wonder, how many treatments did you get?
And also, do you mean that your hairs only seamed finer while only the tips had grown out after treatment and they were short and then when they grew out fully(to their full length) they were as thick as before?
Or did they grow out to their full lenght and volume in the thinner state and then gradualy become thick again?
I don’t know if I have expressed myself so that you can understand what I mean.

In my case after treatments when the hairs are not fully grown out and short they seam VERY thinn, almost like vellus hair (peach fuzz). But then after three months when most of them have grown out to their full length they are clearly terminal hairs and appear thicker because they actually are thicker the further down towards the root you look. But they are still not nearly as thick as before treatments.

I’ve had 11 laser treatments on my beard, but am dissatisfied and stopped about 3.5 months ago.

In areas that I thought I’d lost all hair I have noticed very fine hair sprouting.

In areas where I was left with finer hair, I notice it becoming more course and dense.

I hope as more time goes by it continues to fill-in. Right now it still looks patchy.

An interesting observation: the regrowth in the bald patches fills-in from the outter edges first. My doctor said this area received less thermal damage and the follicles there can recover faster.