fine white hairs question for James Walker

Hi- I have begun clearing my upper outer thighs which are covered with little spiky hairs. I thought they were white, but it turns out that as my electrologist started clearing the area, I saw that they were in fact light-brown.
My electrologist is great and works at the speed of around 30 hairs a minute. But I am despairing!- She has worked on the area now for three hours, and while the hairs have decreased greatly, I can still feel them, but I can no longer see them. Is there a point where further hair removal is impossible? Will these short blond hairs be here forever?
I have keratosis pilaris in this area- can this be affecting the results?

Thank you!

Depending on your electrologist’s equipment, there may be a point where further hair removal is unattainable, because your electrologist can’t see the follicles for hairs even you admit that you can’t see.

I have to be careful here, because there are two possible situations like this, one where your electrologist has only a simple circle lamp and can’t see thick white or clear hairs that will make you miserable if you can’t get rid of them, the other is where one is obsessing over thin vellus hairs that are not advisable to remove anyway.

One celebrity who I won’t name got so hooked on Electrolysis that this person hired a personal electrologist as a part of the globe trotting entourage, and proceeded to remove so much hair that the celebrity’s face actually achieved a waxy glow just like the famous wax statue the most famous get made in thier likness because all the hair was removed to the point where the sebatious glands were just spilling oil on the face with nothing to wick it up. You don’t want to go that far unless you really want to look as plastic as a Barbi Doll.

If your problem is thick hairs your electrologist can’t see, either convince your practitoner to upgrade to a better vision set up, (maybe help her out with the cost if she cries too much) or find someone who has a higher powered set up.

I tell my clients to put away their magnifying mirrors, and just worry about what normal people see from a conversationaal distance away. If I had to lick your skin to see or feel this hair, you don’t need to remove it.

Hi James- thank you for the post.
I am in no way addicted to electrolysis- I have fine light-brown hairs all over my body, and I am at peace with them.
The hairs I don’t like are the tiny little ones that feel like little thorns (thorns in my side, ha, ha).
Today I went to my elec. and she told me that she thought 2 more hours on each thigh would be enough to get the hairs away- I trust here, so hopefully I’ll have good news next week.
Thank you!