Fine hair vs Coarse?

Can anyone tell me if there’s a significant different in the pain of removal and scabbing/redness after removal of very fine hair vs very coarse hair?

I’m currently recieving treatment on very thick coarse hair and it’s going well. It’s rather ugly looking for a couple of days after treatment but I dont care because no one sees it and it’s not nearly as bad as the razor burn after shaving.

I hadn’t previously considered electrolysis for my face because the hair is very light and fine and not too aggravating, however it does get a little longer than I’d like in two spots on my upper lip and I generally wax it every two months or so…which is never a pleasant experience…and now I’m starting to think that having it permenantly dealt with would be nice (Electrolysis may be addictive…) but I’d like to know what I’m getting into.

I can imagine it both ways…either being more damaging because the hair follicle is smaller…in which case I might just stick with waxing at least until I can have an electrolysis session and then have a week to heal where I wont have to see anyone…or on the other hand I can imagine that it might be less damaging because the hair is thinner and easier to kill…

Hi Bug.

Electrolysis is addictive! Before I was an electrologist, I started with my upper lip and continued with arms,underarms and legs because I liked the results so much.

Removing fine hair doesn’t require as much current and time as a deep terminal hair does. Depending on the area, it can still be ouchy, but tolerable. There is some pinkness/ redness/swelling after a treatment for a short time, however, with the proper recipe for intensity and timing, scabs on the face is nothing I want to see. I’d aim to “change the recipe” if a treatment produces scabbing on the face. Body work and small scabs does not raise my antenna. Face work is always a caution zone and overtreatment should be corrected ASAP.

Choosing the correct probe and probe size, and being able to actually see the hair with quality magnification certainly contributes toward a better treatment for fine blond hair.

Bug,if these hairs are truly noticable to other people, I’d go for electrolysis for the area you described if you have a good electrologist.


Thanks for the info. I think I’m going to go for it as soon as I find a really good electrologist. I trust the woman that I’m currently seeing to finish up my bikini line, but I dont quite trust her with my face. I’d like to find someone that I’m comfortable enough with that I dont have to come running back to this website every day in a panic about something!