Fine hair.. (Lost In NJ)

Hi, everyone

I am fairly new to this forum, and I have been reading about laser hair removal posted on this forum for several days now. From what I gather from reading this forum, it seems as if laser does not treat fine hair very well, what’s more can trigger more hair growth if done on fine hair. Is is true in all or most of the cases(laser triggering more hair growth if done on fine hair)?

I want to get laser hair removal on my neck, back, and lower back, but since my hair is fine, although dark, I am quite worried that lasering them would result in heavier regrowth on the long run. Also my skin type is type IV, being asian.

Having type IV skin with fine dark hair, would laser be an effective treatment?

Any comments and/or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

With darker skin type and fine hair, you will probably be better off getting electrolysis. more hair growth after treating finr hair at low fluences seems to be most common on a woman’s face.