Fine, facial hair - Is 500 hairs/hour good?

I started my electrolysis for my very fine, blonde facial hairs. They are long and pretty dense. I had four treatments done in December, but then had to stop because of scheduling conflicts. I started up my again today and am scheduled to go for an hour session every Monday. Does that schedule seem ok for facial hair electrolysis? She just worked on my sideburn area today and although I’m sure I missed a few, I counted around 750 hairs removed in that hour. I felt around 10 of them being pulled out, which from my understanding means they were not correctly treated. Hey, nobody’s perfect.

Does this seem like a good rate to you? I’m not exactly sure what method she uses. I hold a small, damp, spongy thing when she is doing the treatment. I am very happy with the results as of now. Treatment area has a slight red color, but no puffiness, no blood. :slight_smile: I’m wearing make-up tomorrow for work, does anybody know of any barrier creams to put on before applying the makeup?

500 hairs/minute is Godlike…

500 hairs a minute? WOW! nothing Ive ever encountered! Lucky you!

Speed is good, but only if the insertions are accurate and the proper energy levels are used. If you felt a few hairs not sliding out, most likely she did, too, and perhaps she went back in the empty follicle. When that happens to me, I tell the client that I felt some resistance and that I am going back in again.

An hour a week is better than nothing and if that is all the time she can spare in these beginning stages, then again , that’s better than nothing. It will take longer, but at least you are moving forward with a consistent plan and you will see a gradual, steady improvement.

She is probably doing thermolysis. Ask her next time. My clients hold a metal bar wrapped with a baby wipe because I do not use a foot switch, but rather set my epilator for automatic timing. For me, this reduces fatigue and more insertions per hour can be accomplished. with this set up, I can accomplished between 700 - 1,000 insertions per hour depending on how well I can reach the area. This means no talking on mine or the clients part though, as this requires extreme focus in the battle position. . If she is doing blend, you will definitely hold a metal bar.

You don’t have to get fancy with the aftercare. If you are going to wear makeup, then make sure it is CLEAN makeup, applied with clean applicators. Mineral makeup would be best to use. You don’t really need something special applied under that.

As the post says, yeah, 750 hairs per minute (with thermolysis) is a reasonable (good) speed. The title of the post “500 hairs per minute” … is not reasonable; well actually not possible. Do the math.

That would be 8.3 hairs removed per SECOND! Not even God can do that … Probably only WAXING can remove that many hairs per minute. Nicht?

(I’m pretty sure the OP made a typo and meant “500 hairs per hour?”)

In my entire career I have only had one patient “count hairs.” It was a bloody nuisance. She would count “hairs removed” and then if I didn’t match the last endeavor I was scolded. At her final treatment (I only put up with this 3 times) she phoned me afterward and in an angry voice said, “You removed about 5 hairs less this time, so I want to be compensated.”

I did compensate her: I returned all her money and told her to find another electrologist. (This had to be at least 20 years ago, and this post just reminded me of this “pain in the ‘needle cord’.”) Folks, it’s not about “hairs per minutes," it’s all about … (Well, you know where I’m headed on this.)

Yes, I’m sure it was a typo. I changed that for the OP for clarification purposes.

We certainly do not push for speed over accuracy and thus, over eventual results.

Counting every insertion does not equates with the skill of your electrologist. On the other hand, if I were a client and I had a serious amount of hair, I would not be happy paying between $60 and $100 per hour for someone to remove 5 hairs per minute, especially if I had 500,000 hairs on my face that needed attention. I can understand why the consumer is counting. The first rule in my book is, people want the hair off as fast as possible. I will do all in my power to deliver that, but would never compromise the insertion quality to get a bigger count at the end. I think five hundred insertions is reasonable and if that is your electrologists level of expertise and comfort, then you are lucky.

I did not have time to post earlier, but I had wanted to say, 500/750 hairs a minute? Was your practitioner Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West, Bart Allen, Clark Kent, or maybe his cousin Kara. (for those of you NOT laughing yet, The Flash [who would only use thermolysis on general principle] Superman, and Supergirl) :smiley:

Electrolysis is like typing, you want the best of speed AND accuracy, but when you must choose, go with accuracy.

Haha, wow. Ya, absolutely unreasonable and impossible. It was per hour, and more like 650, but it was a rough estimate as I was dozing off a little here and there. Haha, 500 hairs per minute. That’s crazy

I know that technique and effectiveness is much more important that how many hairs are actually removed in a session. It has to be effective, otherwise, what’s the point? I think you understood my post, in an hour, not minute. Thanks for the reply. I trust her, I think it’s reasonable. I just wanted to ask some of you professionals because I know I’ve seen some people post about 35 hairs/minute, which is 2,100 hairs per hour, and I know my electrologist is not that speedy. Just curious on how it compared with others experiences, that’s all.

Thanks a bunch for the reply, and thank you for editing my post. It was supposed to be hour, not minute. Appreciate that. I will definitely ask her, and as you say, the entire session is complete silence. I love it, because I get to go to sleep. smile So I’m probably looking at a treatment time of 2 years with this one hour/week business?

That would be completely annoying, and I’m sorry if I came off like that. I was counting just for a number to compare something, anything to. As I’m sure you know, those of us with “hair problems” are just really anxious to see light at the end of the tunnel, and although it’s impossible to give an exact completion/finish date, I thought it might give me some hope if my process is progressing like others who have had success, or if it’s slower/faster. I would never mention these numbers to her, and I don’t plan on counting again, as it doesn’t truly matter, you’re right. I just wanted to know it was in the “slow” “fast” or “moderate” range compared to all ya’ll others. This problem has affected me for soooo long, I’m just trying to get as much information as I possibly can. Thanks for your reply and the input! 500-750 hairs/hour, sorry about that!

I only know of a very elite few practitioners who ever reached such heights as 35 insertions per minute. Interestingly, those people used a foot pedal and also practiced a technique utilizing 3 insertions per hair, so their actual hair yield was still only about 12 hairs per hour.

I can only marvel at the thought of what these true Electrolysis G-ds could accomplish had they chosen to integrate a machine having an auto sensor, set to 0.3 seconds, and popped the governor off their throttle. :grin:

Why 3 insertions in the same hair, James? Could it be a single insertion for each hair of a group of 3 very close together?

Unless they are using the technique of double or triple insertion, which could also be the case.

Gosh St.James … I did not direct my comments at you at all. I mean not at all! Your question was perfect.

It just got me thinking about “Mrs. Marcus” and her odd approach to hair removal. She also wanted me to remove only specific hairs and skip others … She would watch in a mirror to be sure I only got the “right ones.” Her overall characteristic was that she “felt I was cheating her.” I wonder what happened to the old “SOD?”

Dunno where old sod’s end up Michael…might be down a sink hole as people seem to be falling into the earth these days. Hair n hairless alike!

Yes, their technique inserts 3 times per follicle.