finding esthetician to re-shape hairline

Hi. I had posted earlier about my hairline which was destroyed by an inexperienced electrologist. Most of the hair did not grow back (it has been over a year and a half) so I am trying to find someone to tweez my hairline so my new electrologist can shape according to that. Even though my current electrologist has shaped many hairlines before, my situation is such that a lot of hair has already been removed and at this point I want it plucked before I have it removed by electrolysis. I have tried calling around my area but none of the estheticians have experience tweezing hairlines. I’m feeling kinda helpless at this point. Does anyone know of a esthetician or make-up artist that has experience plucking hairlines in central california? I am willing to travel just as long as it is someone who will do a good job. Any and all recommendations would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

I can’t guide you on that, but I think your case is a testamonial that electrolysis is permanent hair removal. Why the heck can’t someone take your case? It’s tweezing and if you don’t like it, you can let it grow back and start it again. I would go in for some other service and make your request to the esthetician face to face.

Well in my case this electrologist in newark told me that she had experience re-shaping hairlines (which she later admitted that she did not) and ended up taking a whole inch of hair off the sides of my hairline in a straight line up. Then she went in with exaggerated zig-zags and made the situation worse. She claimed that the hair would grow back. Some of it did but it is see through so it looks terrible. So at this point I only want someone with real experience with plucking hairlines because even with tweezing I have to wait so many months for it to grow out and I have this huge cowlick at my hairline so bags are very difficult to control. So if anyone knows of someone who can help that information would greatly be appreciated.

I don’t understand the point of having someone else tweeze your hairline so that an electrologist can then work on it.

Electrologists want to work with un-tweezed areas and estheticians are not experts at shaping hairlines.

The competent electrologist would remove only a few hairs width at a time so that you can see where you are going.

I believe you would be better off clipping or even shaving the shape that you are looking for.

It’s just another approach to doing a tricky area.

It’s the same thing as having your eyebrows waxed or tweezed and then following the template if the client is pleased with the look, treating the hair that starts growing back in within the pre-determined lines. If you don’t like the look, then the hair will grow back and one can start again. Not all electrologists can be trusted with sculpting a hairline. Many don’t know how to do this and thus, they don’t want to take chances with permanently removing hair and having an unhappy client. It’ kind of an insurance policy that assures that the client and electrologist are on the same page before hair is permanently removed.

I agree with Dee. I have already tried shaving some of the hairs and my current electrologist is slowly working on it, but I don’t want my hairline too straight either. Then there is the danger if shaving too much off as an eyebrow shaper is very difficult to control. A competant electrologist should be able to shape a hairline but there are many out there who are not competent and you never know who they are. The one I went to lied to me and I am the one who has to live with the consequences. My self esteem has suffered because of it. Just a side question if estheticians are not experts at shaping a hairline, then who is?
Tweezing the hairline seems to be a dying art. I am having a real hard time finding someone who can do it. I don’t want to risk going to a person who has no experience, I have already made that mistake once.

Can you tweeze your own hairline, since you know what you want?

Well, If I don’t find someone then I guess I will have to tweez it myself. It’s just difficult to do it yourself. I dunno maybe I will have someone in my family help me.

I use the same approach to reshaping the hairline as I do to creating a shape with the eyebrows. The first thing I do is determine if the area can have electrolysis immediately or if the area should first be tweezed or trimmed into a shape.


Sometimes the client comes in and requests a shape that I feel is not something she/he will be happy with long term. It is in those cases that I tweeze the shape first. The client lives with the look for a few weeks and then the client and I discuss the look and what it might convey.

The hairline shape and brow shape can create a look that can make the client appear sinister or surprised or perplexed, etc.

These areas of the face are highly expressive and permanant hair removal decisions need to be handled with great care.

There are times when I reject a client because I feel that makeup will do a superior job and remind them that although electrolysis can be slow and tedious, it provides permanent hair removal.

People in the public eye understand how ciritical their appearance is to their livlihood and tweezing the brow and hairline is not an unusual request prior to electrolysis.

Ladycontesa, perhaps if you take a copy of my note to an esthetician or electrologist, you might find someone who is comfortable with my approach.

All the best,

Arlene, is it unusual for estheticians to turn down client requests for reshaping these areas? You will do it, but why is ladycontesa having a hard time in an esthetician rich state like California finding this service?

Hi Dee.

Actually, I wasn’t aware that estheticians were turning down this work until it was mentioned here.

Each state has their own licensing and regulations for what the esthetician may and may not do and sometimes there is a gray area that I can’t figure out because it isn’t spelled out clearly but here in New York, estheticians can use a tweezer to remove hair. I have even witnessed estheticians removing hair from the inner nose with wax which as an electrologist, I am discouraged from doing but as an esthetician, I have gotten the message that it is okay.

I guess the bottom line is, your states’ licensing board might have the answer but you might get a faster response from your insurance company as to what is okay and not, in your state.

Thank you, Arlene. That nose hair information is interesting.

Many Indian salons that do threading shape hairlines as well. So that may be an option to consider.

ooooooooooooo! good idea lagirl

I don’t think threading is regulated yet but I just wanted to add that students in NY are told not to wax scalp hair.

In response to Arlene:
I completely get your approach because that was what I was going to do in the first place. My current electologist is more than comfortable with this but we are taking the shaping very slow. I would just prefer to have another persons input on the shape. I appreciate the advice but I don’t quite get how printing your message would help because most people already know that altering the hairline or eyebrows changes the way you look. My current electrologist is more than qualified, but after my last electrologist destroyed my hairline I am being extremely careful. My forehead is already twice as big as it used to be but I still want to shape it the best I can so I only want someone who has experience with plucking a hairline to do it.

In response to dfahey:
None of the estheticians in my area turned me down, so to speak, but I think it is important to point out that estheticians are knowlegable in skin care and not in hair. Some might pluck eyebrows but they do not know anything about plucking a hairline (I learned that recently). I have called all the ones in my area and none of them has ever plucked a hairline. I have already said that I want someone with experience so that would probably be the reason why I am having a hard time because I don’t want just anyone to do it. After discussing this with my current electrologist she is having a hairdresser help me with finding the right shape because they see different hairlines all day long. So I just wanted to post this in case someone else wants to have their hairline re-shaped and does not know how to go about it. I don’t think that any hairine shape will suit every face so one really has to be careful with where they go to get theirs altered. I learned this the hard way.

also: the threading idea is good, but the only problem is that the line will be too straight. It is also harder if you are removing courser hair. A few years back I did have my hairline threaded but that was when my forehead was small (prior to electrolysis) and the lady just removed some of my baby hair. With courser hair the thread sometimes breaks. I know this because I have my eyebrows threaded and even then I have to pluck some hairs when I get home.