Finding an Electrologist: Should you shop around?

I’ve had almost 2 hours of electrolysis done with one practitioner on my chin and neck. I have no strong causes for concern with her work such as dramatic side effects. However, she doesn’t use any type of magnification, and she uses tweezers to pull out my hairs. Occasionally, I feel some tugging or a pop as though the hair is not sliding out effortlessly. She also rarely has big blocks of time available.

I wonder if I should “shop around” some more and try some different electrologists in the area before settling, but I’m afraid this would result in inconsistent treatment strategies, ultimately making this a more timely process. I’m also worried about offending my current electrologist if I go back to her with some hairs missing in areas she hasn’t touched…

Anyone have experience with trying out multiple electrologists?

There is nothing wrong with being a good consumer and comparing the options you have.

Are you in good hands?

I invite all my new clients to check me out and at least two other electrologists.

It’s just being a good consumer.