finding a professional


In the summer, I tried using the OneTouch Electrolysis, and I think I am done using it. The only thing I’ll try it again is for the few hairs on my breasts.

I cannot make the committment using the OneTouch. It really strains my back, neck and arms trying to remove the trail of hairs below my belly buttons, and the very few hairs on my chest. It really hurts to do this continually, so I realize I need to have this done by a professional.

Looking now that almost 5 months have passed, I can see some of the dots where the hair was removed and see that they haven’t grown back, but there are still a lot that have grown back.

I also had a few ingrowns that were a pain in the ass waiting and trying to remove them because they would be red for weeks.

I also have dots where I inserted the stylet tips. I realize I am probably not doing this right and will lead to more scarring if I continue to do so, but I am not too worried about it because I know that it’ll go away by next year, so I am not that worried.

Okay, so my final questions are that hasn’t been answered by the other forum.

  1. How do I search for a certified electrologist?

  2. Just because they are certified, does it always mean that they are good?

  3. Can I find out the prices before I go, or do I need consultation first before I find out the price?

I got a brochure with two cards of 2 electrologist of the dermatology clinic that I go to, and I am wondering, how do I know that these 2 women are good?

I read the brochure and it says that there are different methods which are:



3)Blend electrolysis

I thought it was electrolysis. Are these methods effective?

Please someone respond as I am really considering going for a consultation in the very near future possibly in December 2003 if there’s an available appointment just for consultation now that I am off of college for the break.

Thanks for any info you can give me.