hello again, i have a question about finasteride.
what are the chances that it can reduce body hair in men? after all its anti-androgenic and DHT causes body hair to grow.


Finasteride may have an effect on hormonally-induced hair in men, because it’s an anti-androgen. The reason many men do not take it often is because there are side effects that can include reduction sexual function and and reduction of sterility.

You should speak with a physician if you are considering an anti-androgen like finasteride. There are several other possible side effects that may outweigh any reduction of hair.


i might take that chance. anyway i would like to know what are the odds it will affect my body hair growth and will it be significant.


I don’t mean to be intrusive, Quaterman, but I would recommend not to use hormoneblockers, because of the numerous side-effects (weight loss, sexual disfunction, …). Do not underestimate the side-effects.