Finasteride Experiment

Well, I have spent months researching the effects of Finasteride on male body hair, and honestly, it has been quite frustrating. I have been enduring laser hair removal of all types for 4 years, and with very mixed but overall unsatisfactory results. Because of this, I have decided to begin a daily regimine of 1.25mg of Finasteride daily, and see what effects, if any, it has on my body hair, and the rest of my body for that matter. I don’t expect any results (if any appear) for at least several months, but what I will do is post to this board any results or happenings. Maybe it can serve as a positive resource for other males like myself.

And if anything, the bright side is I may never go bald!! :wink:

I have been taking the pills for over a week thus far, and have noticed no drop in libido or any other side effects. I know it is still very early, but for me it is a positive start. Keeping a CLOSE eye on my breasts!! Don’t wanna be wearing a bra in a few months… hehe

And for those of you who may have concerns, I am doing this under my PCP’s supervision. I actually think he is more curious as to the results then I am…


i’ have also thought about dooing this i’m really interested in the results i hope everything turns out good if i hear anything ill let you know.

Hey Danger,
I tried finasteride for about 7 months with no change in body hair (also no other systemic side effects like titties or a limp one.) I did do alot of research on it and some men do experience a reduction in body hair. Finasteride reduces circulating dht(a more powerful version of testosterone)by about 70% via inhibition of the 5-alpha-reductase type 2 enzyme. The type 1 enzyme is found in the skin and hair follicle. Dutasteride (avodart) the dual 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor eliminates about 92% total dht and is more effective for its perscription use (prostate enlargement) and its off-label use (male pattern baldness) than finasteride. But there is also an increase in side effects. However, the reduction in body hair still only effects a very small amount of users. I’ve heard this is because body hair only needs a very small amount of dht to grow normally, and in fact, it may not need dht at all in some people, just testosterone.
P.S. about the breast thing if your nipples start to get itchy or tender, watch out. It probably wont happen though, so dont worry too much.
P.P.S. on the plus side you are helping out your prostate and the hairs on your head.
Take care,

hey what about if your not balding or bald would your hair just grow faster and what’s the purpose of the titties or how does this happen man there has to be a real solution to this hairy plaque we need real scientists who can manipulate genes with drugs!

oh yeah and how many mg. should i take for it to work.

Finasteride will not cause the hair on your head to grow faster whether you are balding or not. Propecia (hair loss finasteride) is 1 mg. Proscar (prostate finasteride) is 5 mg. There is no clinical difference between the 1 mg and the 5 mg. In other words, taking 1 mg is just as effective as 5 mg. Remember, finasteride has only effected body hair in a small amount of users, so you have to decide if you want to pay 50 beans a month (or more) for something that probably wont do what you want it to.

thanx greg i was wondering if there are any statistics on the types of pople that it might work on i.e. genetic similarities, hair type,hair color, nationality, etc…

also wondering if spiranolactone works for women with hirtuism will it work for men.

sorry if i keep posting too much but i really want to get to the bottom of this ok i know you know greg that there is a finasteride cream for chicks of course just wanna know if you’ve tried it. or if anyone here has? i dunno there’s lots of stuff out there proving this works for women. i also came upon a site claiming that saw palmetto works just like finasteride in the treatment of enlarged prostate glands in men. and also blocks dht. just thought i’d let you know here’s the link I need to find the solution!

To my knowledge there are no statistics on hair type, ethnicity, etc. because finasteride was not researchered for body hair reduction, it was just a rare side effect that was noted in some people. I know that spinolactone is used for male pattern baldness, but it is one of those clinically unproven treatments, so you just have to rely on anecdotal reports (which are mostly for baldness and not for body hair reduction)I myself have never tried finasteride cream so I cant tell you that much about it-sorry. Most doctors wont perscribe finasteride to women because of the birth defects it will cause in the male fetus (you, if you are a woman, will have to do some serious convincing to get a prescription.)

Hey guys - know I was away for a while but I didn’t want to post anything without having any news! Anyhow… I have been taking 2.5mg of Finasteride (half a Propecia tablet) daily, and I HAVE noticed a slowed hair growth on my chest. Other body parts are more difficult to determine, but I am going to begin to really study other parts of my body to see if I notice any difference. Of course, even if I see a difference does not mean someone else will - and as I am just approaching the three-month period, I still have some time before I will probably see major results if any even occur, so be patient, and I will keep you posted. There has been a definite slowing of growth though on my chest - especially the last month - and I am a critical judge.

I should probably also mention I have had very few side effects. I did try taking 5mg/daily for a little while just to see what would happen, and it effected my digestive system quite a bit(diarrhea to be blunt), but no tenderness in my breasts and no drop in libido. I went back to 2.5mg/daily and have been fine.

Nothing like being a human gunnea pig! ;O)