Finaly Free

Hi. I have the Finaly Free permanent hair removal system and you can buy it for $50 (base unit, AC adaptor, patch adaptor wand, tweezer attachment wand, instructions…)from me if you are interested. It’s completely new and working. I just don’t need it. You can find more info and the real price at
I cannot tell you anything about how effective it is because I haven’t tried it. If you are interested contact me. I’ll answer all your quiestions.

Or one could amble over to out sister site, and check out our scam pages and figure out why one should not waste the time, money or anguish on this item.

for just one page on this product and its makers, click here.

I bought Finally Free just to find out the electric scheme (quite simple really) they used to generate radio frequency signal. I also visited your sister site and read about Finally Free there. I said it before I don’t know how effective it is. I can only say that they should not sell it at that high price.

Thank you for weighing in on the fact that it is overpriced not only because it doesn’t work, but because a science club kid could make one with parts from Radio-Shack :fearful:

Yes, you’re right that it can be created quite easy. Do you have any information for any devices which use ultrasonic to destroy the hair and the folicle? It would be interesting…

I am unaware of any system currently purporting to utilize ultrasonic for the purpose of hair removal. I would think that it would be difficult to create the amount of heat needed, while concentrating that heat energy in the target area, without spillover to tissues one does not want to be damaged… but perhaps we have said too much… There may be a scammer reading this right now and saying, “Eureka! That would be a new scam that would sell millions! Just modify one of those toothbrushes, and sell them for $100 each and retire to the South of France by next year!”