finally some hope

They say it shows that it’s going to be more effective than laser. It’s a diffrent approach for hair removal. I wonder where do they plan to lunch this product? I heard somewhere that it’s going to be available at the end of 2007
I cross my fingers!:slight_smile:
with SL017 works by targeting the photosensitizer to the hair follicle’s
regenerative structures while sparing the surrounding tissues.”

The company beind this product, QUEST PHARMATECH INC trades for .08 per share. The financial experts of the world obviously consider it snake oil.

I wouldn’t be holding my breath for this. It’s news released for a penny stock play. Buy a lotto ticket instead. Better odds and some of the money ends up in the education budget.

too funny about the lotto, lol.

I emailed them and that’s what I received.

“Thank you very much for your interest in our hair removal product under development. We need to wait for one more trial, which is anticipated to be completed by the first quarter of next year, before taking steps to launch the product for sale. Meanwhile, we believe our product is superior to laser hair removal for the reasons outlined in our news release. Although, it is yet to be determined, we anticipate using our product only once to remove the unwanted hair in a setting wherever appropriate light sources are available. Also, it is possible to sell the product directly to the consumers. However, it will take some more development at the light source level”

I think it’s going to be better than laser but then again I may be wrong:)

it’s impossible to remove hair with only one treatment with anything just because at any one time at least 60% of hair is dormant. anyone who says that doesn’t know enough about hair growth and cycles. maybe you can email them back and have them try to explain exactly how they are planning to get around this.

yeah I will email them again and ask about it.

I did my reasearch ask a LOT of questions emailed them couple of times and there it is. You said it’s impossible to kill hair with only one treatments. That is correct when you are talking about laser or electrolysis which aim to destroy root. In that case the hair needs to be present. Photodynamic therapy takes 360 degrees turn aroud approach to this problem. The photosensitizer tent to localize in the follicular epithelium, photochemical destruction of all hair follicles, no matter what hair color or growth cycle could be obtained. There was a study long time ago with not yet perfected topical gel and ligh source which yeld 40% reduction after 6 months after only one treatment.
Now after Phase I is done we know that their photosensitizer showed strong presence in hair follicles and minimal presence in epidermic. That alone makes it perfect for hair removal with high rate of succes. Now they are waiting for phase II which is scheduled to be done in first 3 months of next year which will determine appropriate light dose and then they will market this.

I just wonder what will happen to all the laser practitioners and electrologists if that thing will do what it is expected to do. The photodynamic therapy will definately be cheaper than laser, faster, with possibility of doing it on your own. I think laser will be pushed aside and used maybe for gettting reduction in hair which laser does a great job at.

I just cross my fingers that this thing will do what is expected which is easy fast and permanent hair destruction of pigmented and non pigmentet hairs.

interesting. here’s another question then. if it destroys all follicles on contact, how come there was only a 40% reduction with one treatment? shouldn’t all of them be killed right away if it doesn’t matter what growth stage the hair is in? Why would you even need multiple treatments?

QUEST PHARMATECH INC now a bargin at 7 cents. We could all be multi-millionaires. After making that investment, I heard that there is a really nice bridge in Brooklyn, NY. The revenue return from the tolls exceeds your intial investment each month. That’s how I invested my children’s college money. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

That’s a good question. When I asked them they said that the treatment that was done long ago proving that photodynamic therapy can be succesfull for hair removal used not perfected yet gel and light. So that it maybe wasn’t strong enough to kill all cells but some. When I emailed them they said that their goal is to use it once but for that the light source needs to be evaluated to succesfully kill most or all hair in one treatment. I think their confidence lays in the topical gel which showed that it is capable of reaching folicular level and not be harmfull for the epidermis. with that older treatment it was diffrent . The gel at that time was capable of riching folicular level but also a lot of this gel got into epidermic so it was dangerous for skin.

Paul what is your point with your stock market remarks?

First of all, let me say I don’t understand why everyone is on the site is so negative about new technologies and companies that are attacking this age old problem. Obviously there is no current answer otherwise there would be no need for this website. So I think we should encourage a product from a company that looks to handle itself very respectably, I mean this isnt going to be a product on midnight informercials or on websites that start with ASSEENONTV.

With that said, this may not be the miracle cure but it seems like the direction we need to be heading. I think a product that attacks hair removal at the follicular or cellular level is much better than a laser that tries to heat up and hope to destroy a follicle. I have been following this company since the beggining, along with SIRNA and Photoderma, which are companies that have similair emerging technologies to combat permanent hair removal. These methods are the future and lasers, with their burns, uneffectiveness, price, and limited patient availabilty will and should be left in the dust. (sorry laser companies or owners) but really I have no sympathy for them because they charge as much as they do for a product with very little proof of efficacy. Well, Ill continue to follow these companies and methods with an open mind and a better understanding than laser companies of what permanent hair removal products should be. Hopefully they get something out soon within the next couple years to help all of us

I am with Mack on this.

if you’re talking to me, I’m not trying to be negative. I’m just asking logical questions as I’m interested in how this is supposed to work.

Sorry to be so cynical. But…

If this company was really on the bring of some kind of great breakthrough, the insiders would have long ago bought up all the stock. Laser companies would have bought the company to prevent the development. How many lasers can you really sell if it only takes a few treatments? The drug companies sellinghair removal and supressing drug…Gillette…Schick…Do you really think this Candian penny stock company is a threat to them and they are standing by just watching?

To think about it another way. If I had a company that was on the brink of making a gasoline additive that able to triple your mpg. My company would be worth billions, but I’d probably be dead because the big oil companies and oil producing nations would not be happy trying to sell oil at $10 a barrel again.

When you make the better mousetrap, the old manufacturer of mousetraps will be out of business. That kind of treat is not taken lightly in the business world. Legal and illegal means will be used to prevent the new mousetrap from ever seeing the light of day.

In closing, just don’t get your hopes up that if you wait a year this new technology will help you.

Sorry to be negative. Just my cynical nature.

Ah, but you have hit on a very good point.

Electrolysis is a proven factor, and because they want to make money selling machines costing tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars, and selling drugs like Vaniqua, companies have slandered electrolysis all over the world, and put up a total media assault on the profession and the process. They know that other than giving good service to our customers, electrolysis practitioners can do nothing about the mass deception of the public as to the effectiveness and differences of electrolysis vs. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER)

Well let me express my opinion from an economical point of view. If there is a product in developement that can offer these types of results in a market with this much demand, the product wull become available to the public. Gillette and other hair removal companies realize that the future of hair removal is shifting, why do you think they made a deal with Palomar medical to manufacture a home use laser. Although I think their head is in the wrong place, but I think it is an example of how companies will want to jump into partnerships with companies like questpharmatech. they should realize they can make even more money than they do now selling 10 dollar razors. Plus there will always be a market for razors, A large group of people do like having beards and hair on other parts of their body.

As an economist, you have to look at the long term effect a product will have. A product like this would have a very long shelf life because there are millions of kids entering puberty everyday. There would be an evercontinuing influx of demand.

Now I will concede that other companies such as Gillete could try to slander these new products like laser companies do electrolosists. However, they have good reason, electrolosists takes a ridiculous amount of time and money. People dont have the time in their fast paced lifestyles.

All I’m saying is that if there is a product out there which can bring these type of results, the number of major corporations willing to jump into partnerships with this company might outnumber the ones trying to destroy it. SIRNA therapeutics, a company with a similiar product and in a similiar situations already predicts establishing a partenership for its hair removal and other products by the end of the year.

Be a cynical as you want, but there is a huge demand for a product like this and I believe it will make it to the consumer (if it does what they believe it can of course)

i think what pault is trying to say is that IF this product had any real hope for actual results, it would be already obvious from their stock price/demand for the company’s partnerships etc at this point. he’s saying that their stock price indicates otherwise – that this isn’t the new great product that everyone’s been waiting for that’s going to put every other type of hair removal business out of business. noone’s saying that it wouldn’t be nice to have a magical product that would be able to do this on the market. he’s just saying that this probably isn’t it, so it might be wise not to get your hopes up too high.


Exactly. Thankyou.

The stock is very low because it is a very small pharmecuetical company without a single drug on the market. Therefore the stock can rise very much very quickly. Also stock for companies like this are not usually very high, they make their money by selling their products to larger corporations who have the ability to distribute the product to the masses. They then collect a percentage of the money. the stock is still very low by this means, but stock price for a company like this is not as important as other companies. If the second clinical trials have good results and they are able to show scientific results, i think you can see the stock rise quickly.

Im not saying this is the miracle cure or this company is the best, but i will say that this type of hair removal will be the future. The idea of attacking hair removal from above the surface is gonna be in the past and new technologies are gonna allow it to be done on a cellular or follicular level.

HB, I cannot find this quote on the Quest release: “There was a study long time ago with not yet perfected topical gel and ligh source which yeld 40% reduction after 6 months after only one treatment.” Is this from them or another source?

From what I read, this news release from Quest indicates that their preliminary study of 10 patients showed that their acne treatment didn’t work! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> Rather, they have “discovered” that their chemical is absorbed into follicles and “might” be good for LHR. Well, many practical devices are encountered inadvertently, but this would be interesting. Certainly, we have seen the attempts to provide melanin dyes to help the grey/blond/redheads of the world <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />, but I had not seriously considered the potential to circumvent the problem of “hair growth phases” and dormant hair by blasting all the follicles, empty or not. Yes, its worth persuing. Is there more news out there?

BTW, did you read about what SL017 is? From their website: “The active ingredient is based on a small molecular-weight compound called Hypocrellin B (HB), isolated from perylenequinone pigments found from fungi which are parasitic on bamboo.” It’s not soylent green thank goodness! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />