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I’ve always had a problem with my body hair, I’m a 22 year old guy, and I think I have an exceptionally hairy chest for my age. I tried buying waxes and nair and none of these things ever worked for me at home. I soon gave up. I happened to stumble across a recipe for sugaring hair away… I followed the instructions perfectly, and much to my suprise, it worked! I finally found somthing that worked, and it was practially free, using old t-shirts as strips, and composed of sugar, lemon juice and water. It cleans up amazingly, and is way more effective than anything I’ve ever paid for. I just hope to save someone a little time and money that they might possibly waste trying all the other waxes and sugars you have to buy… I found the recipe on here, and I think you very much for it. My self esteem has skyrocketed, and I can finally take my shirt off comfortably again for the first time since I was about 15… Thanks :slight_smile:
is the link I followed to get the recipe, incase anyone wants to try it :smile:

oh, btw, I’ve been using “Jergens Natually Smooth” lotion where I wax daily, I haven’t really seen any results yet, because I really just started using it… I guess my question is, is this ok? and will I see results from it? If not, does anyone know of any better hair inhibitors to use between removal? (sugaring, like waxing, is still unpleasant even though it works, it’s painful, and I would like to slow down the frequency of having to do it)

I tried the Jegens thing for about 4 months before I decided it was pretty much a scam. If I remember correctly the container didn’t actually state that it would lessen hair as much as it would lessen the appearance of hair and that the hair would gradually become finer. I am very blonde and already have pretty fine hair which I generally think is great. It may be that this product would have worked better on a different hair type. I would love to get rid of all those blonde hairs and am slowly making progress with weekly electrolysis.

Thanks for the report, werewyndle! As far as hair inhibitors, this is a category filled with scams and unproven products. The only one with clinical proof is Vaniqa. There are some suggestions that soymilk may have an effect when applied tpically based on mouse studies, but there is nothing definitive.

All the other stuff is herbal concoctions with no clinical proof despite their extravagant claims.

What is the recipe for sugering. What do u have to have how do u cook it. Id like to maby try it if it realy works. Im willing to try anything at this point. Any tips on how to do this would be great.

                  thanx  JMan

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