Finally ive uploaded the picture !!

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the shaved bit at the bottom is where i had a patch test done using the LightTouch system. its an IPL system. but i wasnt too happy about it because still the hairs havent fallen out :roll_eyes:

but you can see what im talking abou the black hair all over my stomach.

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I have done this kind of work on both women and men with success. With good vision and epilation equipment a skilled electrologist can get full first clearance on this area in about 6 to 12 hours in thermolysis, twice as long or longer in blend or galvanic.

Of course, once the clearance is in hand, one needs only to maintain it with a treatment schedule that keeps the hairs being removed befor they are visible with the naked eye. (or at least the naked eye that is not positioned centimeters away, or looking through special magnification equipment :wink: ) One will typically have about 3 weeks after treatment before the first few hairs start to become visible to a casual observance. Understanding that, I am sure you can see how once you get full first clearance, it should be possible to keep it looking finished as you continue your treatments.

Depending on the skill and speed of your electrologist, you should be able to clear this area using thermolysis in 20 to 40 hours spread out over 9 to 18 months. If you have someone as fast as Fino, you could get it all done in 12 to 15 hours spread out over 9 to 18 months, but I don’t know many people as fast as Fino.

Having said all that, you may find that it is safer to go at this area utilizing blend. Your skin appears to be prone to pigmentation, and it may be easier to find someone in your area who can perform pigmentation-free treatments in blend or galvanic rather than thermolysis.

Electrology is always a compromise situation. We must find the compromise between speed, effectiveness, and comfort that best suites the client we are working on.

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