Finally Free (WARNING!)

Finally Free is a combination electric tweezer and patch scam that should be avoided by all consumers. It is heavily promoted on

Never buy this product. It doesn’t work. I bought one trying to find out for myself if it worked or not and it didn’t. The only way I FINALLY got my money back was to dipute it with my credit card company. It was a long, frustrating process that I hope no one else goes through.

Thank you so much for posting about Finally Free. I was about to buy it but decided to do some research first. Unfortunately since there seems to be no viable method of permanent, in-home hair removal I will have to stick to waxing and tweezing my face. But because of you I will not have the additional battle to get my money back. Thanks.

depending on where you are, and what you are having removed, you can easily get it all removed without much financial strain. Electrolysis is the best value in aesthetics.

Below is a note from a reader who had bad results from Finally Free and ePen. The opinions below are those of the contributor. I do not believe that ANY version of Finally Free works as claimed.

Hi Andrea, I have experience with Finally Free I would like to share. I purchased the product approximately eight or nine years ago, and had great success, almost every hair I treated never came back. I would grasp the hair with the tweezers, count to sixty, and almost always the hair would slide out, and that was the end of it. Very easy and quick. I loved it, and took delight zapping the little stinkers left and right. As I am right handed I was able to remove under arm hair from my left arm. It hasn’t grown back after all these years. My right underarm is untreated and looks like it. Sort of a before, right arm, and after, left arm. Also most of the hairs on my lower legs were permanently removed. I wore the “machine” out and couldn’t afford to buy another. A year ago I saw it advertized on a home shopping channel segment, and bought one. When it arrived there were some small differences, no more pre-treatment clear conducting gel, and the tweezer part was about half the size of the first kit, and akward to use. It doesn’t work nearly as well as the first kit. I have had to grasp the hair for ten minutes before it came out readily. It WAS a great product years ago, but for some reason there have been backward steps taken by the company and it is now inferior. Change of ownership? I called the company and talked to a woman hoping to buy the original or get some information, she responded that that had been before her time and had no information.

Well, thanks for your “ear” Andrea, but as someone who had excellent results with the original kit and poor luck with the “ultra” I hope this will help all the people who want information. I would say don’t buy it.

And I just remembered, I purchased the Verseo E Pen permanent hair removal system several years ago, so so performance, and received a small burn on leg from patch. The patches have a little metal stud in center to increase performance, I guess mine overheated or whatever, and when I removed the patch there was a drop of blood where the patch had been. Neither home shopping channel or manufacturer would take responsibility, and I received no refund. I saw it advertised with the same name and a different name, but the patches with little round stud in center were a dead giveaway. I would say stay away from that one also. Leg healed, no proble

Hey Andrea,

I agree that it would probably not work. Glad that YOU posted to this thread about this! :eek: I wanted to find out more, but have been afraid to ask.

I haven’t done too much searching about how much a hair is an insulator because I have no doubt that it’s a great insulator.

However, what has been bugging me is that if enough electricity were passed through the hair, it might conduct at least SOME.
How much and how long an electric current would be needed to kill the follicle itself without either instantly burning the hair or causing severe burns to the skin, or simply do nothing at all, is beyond me though… I would think it would have to do more with the heating of the hair itself than the actual passing of electricity to the follicle… Unless maybe the hair is actually used as a natural resistor??

ehh - just a brain fart - I really don’t know. :crazy:

Hair itself is more an insulator actually

Thanks for the warning about Finally Free.

You are welcome.
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