Finally Free Permanent Hair Removal

I found out about this product on the net and got curious. I know there’s lots of fake products out there so I sent them a mail about this. Here’s their answer:

Our product works excellent on male back and chest hair. We use radio wave technology which concentrates the energy at the hair root. On like other technologies, our is not effected by the type of hair. Please review our clinical studies on our web site www.never***** These are independent clinical studies and one of the studies was review by another independent panel of medical doctors who were so impressed with our protocol and findings that they recommended and finally had the study published in a prestigious medical journal. We have been selling various models of our product under the same brand name for over twenty years since we first patented the technology. Since inception, we have sold several million units to as many satisfied customers. Few companies, brand names or products last even five years in the market place and very few last twenty years. Ours has lasted because we make a quality product which delivers on the promise to permanently remove unwanted hair painlessly in the convenience of your home at a very reasonable cost.

    Unfortunately the hair removal market place has many companies selling products which do not work.  The whole category is hurt by this and people are leery about buying hair removal equipment.  Please consider our longevity.  This could not have happened if we did not have a very large loyal following of customers.  We have survived where others have not because of our products, service and results.  

    I hope that I have answered your questions and thank you for your interest in our product.

                                                                        David Walsh

Is this really just lots of bullsh** or does it actually work?

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Longest it’s ever been tested is 9 weeks. Waxing can last that long.

Scam…didn’t remove a single hair for me. Dont waste your money like I did.

has anyone used finally free and did it work at all?

Not only did it not work, but they won’t honor the guarantee.

I had to dispute it with my CC to get my money back.