Finally doing it.

This is mortifying but im a female and have a somewhat hairy buttocks. I finally got over myself and made an appointment for laser hair removal. Im actually going somehwere that does both laser and electrolysis in case the hair is too light in some spots. Im SO nervous though just because of the embarassment factor. looking for some reassurance - please tell me that they have seen it all before and i shouldnt be embarassed

Yes, you’re not the only female with hair problems in the area you describe. Laser and electolysis techs see all sorts of hair growth abnormalities that nothing is unusual or embarrassing. Hair is hair and you’re going to professionals to seek help. It’s their job to remove hair and help you, so don’t feel embarrassed about it.

You can search the electrolysis section of this site and you might still find thread topics with photos of women treating hairy lower backs, breast areas, arms etc…

I have a couple clients for buttocks . No big deal. Very normal and can be made hairless like any other part of the body.Certainly nothing to be embarrassed about.

for electrolysis? is it too large of an area for electrolysis?

hoping to find this out at my consultation but figured i’d ask since you said you have a few clients who do this area.

no it isnt too large an area.

If there is nothing else on earth that can affect the hair permanently, it is not a " too large of an area for electrolysis" . It is the only way to total permanent hair removal. With that said, be concerned as to whether there is an electrologist that can power through a large area, going faster than 4-8 seconds per hair.

I do large areas, as do many other electrologists. If they have a good set up and can get in their zen doing 600-1,000 insertions per hour, with the hair sliding out with no resistance, you would be amazed at what can be accomplished .

If an electrologist says they wont work on you for more than an hour at a time and they remove about 4 hairs per minute, they are not your “guy”.

I’m finding it less attractive to work more than 4-5 hours on any ONE body. Its not good for one to sit for long stretches of time, so I do put limits on those marathon sessions.

Electrolysis is for large areas. The right person, with the best setup can do this for
you and that is where you may have difficulty finding a good match. I wish schools would teach this concept.