Finally... amazing success with electrolysis!

Hi everyone,
I wanted to post to tell you all about how well electrolysis worked for me. I posted here a bit more than a year ago after having gone to a year of electrolysis with barely noticeable results. After getting a suggestion here, I switched to someone else and have had wonderful success, so I wanted to post to encourage those that might be doubting electrolysis. I had a few darker and coarser hairs on my face which cleared up very quickly within a few months and then have been going for a little over a year for hairs on my collarbone, breasts, and stomach. I went every three weeks, and for the past few months have just gone once a month. It’s been a month since my last appointment and I can only find a few stray hairs where before there were dozens! Though of course I have become obsessed and am now starting on other areas just for fun. I do think my electrologist is using older equipment, and it is slow and painful in certain areas, but it WORKS and I don’t have scarring.

Anyway, this has completely changed my life. I went on several beach-related trips in the past six months and loved finally being able to wear the swimsuit I want. I also have stopped having to pretend that I was ashamed of my body just to hide the hair when I am dating people, but can be completely open and free and comfortable with my body.

One last thing, I had always felt a sort of plucking sensation with my first (unsuccessful) electrologist, and had convinced myself it was just the hair popping out when it was too big for the follicle. While this can happen, if you’re wondering if it’s plucking and it happens continually, it probably is plucking. Do yourself a favor and try more people.

Good luck to everyone else and stick with it! I love my smooth skin!

Congratulations! Everytime I read a success story, it makes me more motivated to continue electrolysis. Would you be willing to share the name of the person you’ve been seeing? It would be a great resource to other people who are looking for an electrologist and live near your area.

These are not isolated stories. They do however reflect skilled electrologists including necessary client cooperation in following the recommended treatment program through to completion.

My opinion after trying 3 different electrologists is that the older machines are much better at treating the hairs on the first try. I don’t know if it may also be based on electrologists using these machines are old school but I would rather take the pain that get no results and plucking on the apilus machine.

I’m glad you shared your story!

Any epilator will work to remove hair. Your experience is your experience, but your conclusion on how you think you got there is debatable.

I saw Kathryn at the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic. It’s in DC which is wonderful because it seems as though DC is a bit underserved when it comes to electrolysis, at least when compared with other cities like NYC and London. Again, I think it was definitely less the machine and more the person.