Final Questions Before I Choose

I’m looking at LHR in NYC and have narrowed my choices down to 3 places that I have all visited in person and asked most of the questions from the form provided on this site.

Two of the places told me the hair on my upper lip is NOT too fine to be treated, one said it was. Any thoughts on that?

Also, one place told me I have to come in every 6-8 weeks, even if I don’t see a lot of hair growing, because otherwise I will mess up the treatment. Should I rule this place out?

Not everyone’s hair is the same on the upper lip. Generally, we don’t recommend laser on the upper lip because even if some hair there is coarse enough, there are other hairs that are not, and laser has the potential to induce more growth on those hairs and surrounding areas it will touch. We don’t think it’s worth the risk since electrolysis is quick and effective for this area without these potential side effects. Plus, you’ll need it anyway after laser regardless since laser will only target the coarse hair.

I wouldn’t concentrate on the clinic’s timing. They often just repeat what they’re told by the laser manufacturer. Do you own spacing without informing them. Most clinics have way too many clients to be counting weeks between your appts.