few thick black hairs on chin/neck


Over the past few years I have noticed a few (less than 20) thick black hairs on my chin and upper neck (under my chin) my head hair is brown and my skin is very fair/freckled and sensitive. Since I am 51 years of age I assume this may be the beginning signs of hormone reduction/menapause. I have been using a mirror and plucking them out on a daily basis. They seem to grow back (like my husband’s beard) now I am seeing three or four close together. I also started seeing lots of nose hairs-even sticking out of my nose! This is awful. I tried the electric nose trimmer and cut them off as close as I could-but if I rub or pinch my nose It sure is uncomfortable. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks


Your experience is showing what we have talked about repeatedly on this site about hair growth cycles. Simply put, you are at the begining of a bunch of new hairs establishing a growth cycle. the hairs you are seeing are not the same ones you plucked out. These are other hairs.

If you want them gone and gone for good, now is a great time to find the best electrologist in your area and get them treated once and for all. You may even be able to bare the entire area every appointment and just do 15 minute touch ups every three to six weeks once you get caught up.

Nose hairs are much harder to treat, but some electrologists do them as well. the discomfort you are feeling is from the sharpe edges sticking into the tender skin of the inner nose lining. Many electrologists won’t treat nose hairs however, due to lack of experience, lack of proper equipment, or fear of being sued in case of an infection.


Thank you. One more question. When I pluck out a hair the new hair which takes about two days to re appear is in the same place. If I do not pluck it out, it will continue to grow up to almost an inch long(when I couldn’t stand it any longer & plucked it)

So are you saying that if I don’t touch my face and chin-then more and more hairs will continue to grow until I actually have a beard?



If you really did pluck a hair out, and saw a hair coming out of the same follicle two days later (only micron small glass markers or radioactive labeling would make it possible to make a positive id on this one) then that hair broke beneath the surface of the skin, and just continued the growing process. You are lucky it doesn’t become an ingrown hair when this happens.

As far as you possibly growing a full beard, that is unlikely, only by letting it go can you find out what the full extent of your hair problem actually is. it takes about six weeks for the electrologist to get a real feel for just how much hair needs to be removed when the client has been a daily plucker. That is only possible if the person STOPS PLUCKING once electrology treatments have begun.