Few more questions

I searched for an answer to a question I’m confused about but I wasn’t lucky so I’ll ask. When you’re clearing an area, and you zap the hair, do you have to come back to it some other time to zap it again and again until it doesn’t grow anymore, or is it done forever after the first time? Also, the website I found http://www.electrolysisreferral.com/estimates.htm claims to be able to clear arms in 5-10 hours, how credible is that? I thought to clear an area you need to do it at least for 9 months. If they could clear my arms in even 50 hours I’d love them for that. I have so much hair to clear, I want to get it over with as fast as possible, I’ll even take out a loan to pay for the expenses, it’s that important to me. How fast do you think I could accomplish my goal if I see electrologist 10-15 hours a week? I know it’s almost impossible to tell, and I understand it all depends how fast an electrologist can clear an area, but can you give me a rough estimate? Also about the cost, I also understand it’s hard to tell, but if I want to clear my whole body which has much hair on it, including my entire torso, arms and legs, will I pay more then $10,000? $20,000? $30,000? I just want a rough estimate, let’s say I pay $60 an hour.

If your electrologist is any good, you should get most hairs the first time, and need no more than 2 or 3 zaps in the ultimate worst case. The worst case is the first time you treat, the hair is out of phase, and so it comes back thinner and weaker, and the next time the insertion may be off, or you once again don’t have an appointment when it is on proper phase, and finally, you get it in phase, with the right setting, and a good insertion.

If you have someone really super fast, one could possibly meet the estimates on Fino’s site.

To do an entire body would start at $20,000US and go up from there, especially if one did not have lots of time to put towards getting the initial clearances.

It might be worth your effort to start with Fino’s team and finish with someone closer to you.

So how do I know when it is in proper phase? James, what do you mean by “time to put towards initial clearances”? I will devote as much time as it is needed to get cleared, I’ll even go everyday if I have to. You suggested I start with Fino’s team and then finish with someone closer to me, why is that? Besides the chart he has on his website, I don’t really know expensive he is, he doesn’t even list back or legs there, maybe he doesn’t do them? $20,000+ is a lot but it’s worth it, you have no idea how happy I’d be if I got cleared of this mess for life. I do want to spend as little as possible though so I will make every appointment. And just so that I don’t get confused, Short-Wave Thermolysis IS electrolysis, just in a different approach, right? Thank you for your time again, I really appreciate your help here.

As far as I understand, most electrologists do not recommend doing 10-15 hours per week, correct? Isn’t that too much stress on the skin, especially if it’s all in the same area? I think most recommend going at most 2-3 times a week for 1 hour or so at most, right?

It would not be possible to do 10 to 15 hours in one area. You would run out of hair to do, or run out of skin to treat.

Many electrologists don’t perform 15 hours of work in a week themselves. This is because one can’t work that much without an ergonomic workstation, and since that costs more, many electrologists don’t have one.

If one has updated equipment, one can work more hairs and more time in a square centimeter, or inch. The older the equipment, the less work that can be done close together. On the oldest equipment, 4 hairs in a square inch would be a good rule, on the newest equipment, 200 hairs in a square inch would not be impossible, depending on certain variables.

One could do a back where one started with an hour or more on one shoulder blade, then switch to the other shoulder blade, then move down to the lower rib cage, and then work the area around the spine. In this way one could possibly do a full day of work.

Keep in mind, this kind of work is not available at just any electrology office. That is another reason why we tell you all to look high and low to find who will be best to perform your work. Often the Marble Floored High Rent Electrologist is paying more on the Toney Location Rent, than they are paying for the equipment they actually used to establish the practice. If you find someone working out of their basement, who has great equipment, and a high level of skill, you would do better in the basement. You would get more work done and finish quicker as well. You know what finishing quicker means? It means less money spent!