Female lower back

I’m a female who would like to permanently reduce the hair on my lower back. Awhile ago, I went to a laser consultation and was told that laser would not be recommended on the area because the hair was wispy and it could lead to induced growth. I can’t see the hair that well, but it looks as coarse as some of the hairs on my legs, although the person who told me it was too wispy said that the hairs on my legs had enough pigment for laser.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I don’t want to make the situation worse, but I don’t want to wax forever and based on electrolysis progress on other parts of my body, I think that electrolysis will be too expensive and time consuming.

I have type 3/4 skin and black hair. I’ve been getting good results with the Gentlelase on my legs and bikini.

Trust your provider. It sounds like you found a good one who actually prefers to tell you the truth and miss out on the money so many other clinics would take (some knowing it won’t produce results). Electrolysis is your only option in this case. A good electrologist using godo equipment and a thermolysis method can get rid of that hair in the same time as laser. You’ll just have to go a bit more often in the beginning. The best advice I can give you is not to chase something that doesn’t exist. Just because you don’t want to spend the time on electrolysis doesn’t mean there is an easier or better way to get rid of the hair permanently. There isn’t at this point.

I’ve had laser work done on various parts of me with the Gentle Yag and on one part of the body and the operator kept saying that the hair was fine and afterwards told me not to come back until I had lots of hair (3-4 months).I think she thought I was over obsessing about the hair. It was done over a week ago and I can feel stubble which i started feeling the next day! I’m not sure if it is just stubble or its dead hair working its way out. If its the former then yes I will have wasted my money and the hair was too fine. I’ll give it another week as the hair on the bits of me that that did have coarse hair does look as if the hair under the skin is coming through and will fall out if I scrub the skin enough.

So back to your question if it turns out that the hair was too fine to be lasered then your consultant is correct and I hope that s/he wasn’t too spot on and mine doesn’t get worse as a result of my messing with it.

Don’t do it. My son had his back done. We found out the hard way that the hair is too fine to laser. It stimulated hair growth and it’s a mess! And there may be no way to fix it. There are studies out there on this problem. They have been out there for years. Don’t do it.

This is not a new phenomenon. We have reports about it here if you run a search. This is not, however, something that happens on anyone on any area. There are specific areas like a man’s back, shoulders and upper arms and women’s faces where this can happen on fine hair. There are no reports of it happening on any other areas.

Your son should go for electrolysis which is what we recommend here for finer hair on that area in the first place. Laser mostly only works on coarse hair.

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I had my lower back lasered and it did get rid of about 80 percent of the hair. Now I am getting rid of the remaining hair with electrolysis. It is important to realize that laser is a temporary solution. If you want the hair on your lower back to be permanently removed then I would definitely suggest that you try electrolysis.
It’s not that expensive I pay $60 dollars for 1 hour and I get full clearance for my lower back. Time wise electrolysis does take longer but it is permanent and definitely worth it :grin:

Laser is NOT temporary. If you’re treating coarse dense hair at high enough settings, it is permanent.