female considering electrolysis...???'s

In recent years, I’ve noticed some hair growing right underneath my navel. It’s pretty sparse and not a very large area at all. However, it drives me crazy!!! I can’t show my stomach anytime, anywhere. I’m considering some form of hair removal (laser or electrolysis) and am wondering if anyone can tell me approx. how much it would cost, how long it would take, and what would be the better option, etc. I have fairly light skin and very dark hair. Getting married in 16 months, would like to have it done by then. ANY thoughts or info would be greatly appreciated!!!

110604:Since it seems to be a very small area that you are refering to and we are not sure what kind of hair you have, I would think an hour or two with electrolysis would be the best way to go.

the hair is very coarse and dark. from what i’ve read on the board and elsewhere, that type of hair seems to be the best for electrolysis… am i right? also, do you know approx. how much 2 hours of treatment would be?


prices are around
15 min $20-30
1 hr $60-100
everything depends on which country or part of USA are you, the electrologist that you go to,…
also i would say that if the treatment is only two hs is because you have an excellent electrologist or almost no hair, and if you have a little hair you won’t go for a whole hr session, meaning that you’ll probably have half hr or maybe 15 min session, for as long as 2 hs total, but also de 2 hs is an estimate base on what you said.
My best advice, go to an electrologist and ask him/her how long and also how much they charge.
And base on barrester estimate of time, and the range of prices, you already have an idea. To be in the safe side consider a little more money and time.
good luck

Paola: It seems as though most of the posts on here are about large amounts of hair (eg. legs, chests) so I wasn’t sure about a small patch of hair, about 2x1 inches, around 35-45 follicles total.
Thanks for the rough estimates. I am CLUELESS to all of this, so any info or advice is much appreciated! I’m glad I stumbled on this site. :smile:

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