Female Back Waxing?


I am new here and have already read many of these boards. However I have not come across any posts regarding female back waxing.

I have very fine, thin hair all over my back. It’s noticeable because of course it is dark! I presently Nair it about every week, which is a HUGE pain.

I’m not looking to invest in lasering or electrolysis at this time. I want to try getting it waxed, but I have never had anything waxed. Have any ladies here had this done? And if so, did it hurt more or less than your other waxings?

I get my hair done every 2-3 months at my salon, which I really like, but I am too embarrassed to let any of the girls there know that I am now coming in to get my BACK WAXED. For this reason I must find a new salon that of course, I’ve never been to before.

Brochures that I’ve seen will say “men’s back waxing $50+” etc, well I don’t have a hairy man’s back and I don’t want to pay the price to wax an excessively hairy back. Any way I can ask about female prices?? This would be so embarrassing!

Does anyone have any advice?

On my brochure is says full back wax…that includes men or women, but if someone calls that wants a partial back wax then I give them a range of price depending on the amount of hair to be removed.

So what you could do is call and just make an appointment for a back wax and tell them that it’s only half the normal amount or a quarter the size of a man’s back wax…then they can tell you how much it might be.

Do not be embarrassed when you call, they do this kind of thing all the time.
It’s like going to the doctor, there’s really nothing that would surprise us anymore.

Let us know how it goes.

As for pain tolerance in that area, it should be fairly tame, the most painful areas on the back are actually the sides which you probably don’t need done. The buttocks are quite painless my clients tell me so don’t worry so much.

Kathy Lynn