Female arms and legs electrolysis


I’am a 28 year old female and am currently undergoing electrolysis on my chin, upper lip and sideburns. I am very pleased with the results after about 5 months, which I know is early in the process. The goal is I’m planning on moving to other parts of my body, including my arms and eventually legs.

I wanted to know if any women have undergone electrolysis for their arm hair, and if so, what were their results? Also, is this type of hair influenced by hormones as much? I recall someone commenting on this in a previous post, but I couldn’t find it and just thought I would clarify. The same goes for leg hair- is this heavily affected by hormones as well?

Thanks in advance- this site has been extremely helpful!

As a transgirl, I can tell you arm and leg hair are some of the primary areas affected by hormones. I have about 1/2 what was there 2 years ago, and it grows at a much slower rate. It’s not that it makes you lose hair, it affects the thickness of the hair so female hormones make them less noticeable, and also lighter.

Thanks very much for your response Seana.

I am getting tested to see if I have some type of a hormonal imbalance, like PCOS. I just want to either rule it out or deal with it if I do have it.

If I get electrolysis on my arms for instance, and get them fully cleared each time with marathon sessions (which is my objective) over a period of 9-18 months, then will I be looking at periodic new spurts of growth? I am curious about how these areas (arms and legs) respond to electrolysis.

Well having done one of my forearms( or part thereof) ,I can tell you it is a heck of a lot of work. I’ve heard reports there are up to 220000 hair folicles on the arm.I spent the better part of a week practising on my arm, and I didnt get half of it and that’s with a machine on demand. I couldnt imagine paying for it but some of the pros do that sort of thing (and more) so it must be possible.

Not 100% sure but I think High Testosterone levels can make some dormant hair folicles produce, but mostly what you get is fine velus hair turning into thicker more visible terminal hair.


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Properly treated, you should be good. 18 months is a long time for arms, even beards don’t really last that long (IME).