Feeling Distressed in Alabama : (

So I am getting a little dismayed at my current Electrolgist. I have been seeing her for 4 month and I am really beginning to fear that she is not doing the job she promised. So I started searching again for more info and now reading a lot of post here, my fears have been amplified. Such as, I think she has been pulling out my hair rather than killing it, because a lot of the time it hurts more removing the hair than when she zaps it. I have also noticed recently that the machine she uses will not light up when she is supposed to be zapping me. And the hair just keeps growing back despite getting it cleared up twice now. Maybe that is normal, but perhaps there should be at least some tiny areas that stay clear of hair for say a few days to a week maybe? I have done 50 hours and I am frightened that I wasted it. I have kept going because I kept telling myself that you have to see it through and now I feel I might have not only lost time but money.

The thing is I live in Northern Alabama (Huntsville) and I really do not have a lot of options. I have recently thought about driving to Nashville (2hr drive) or even Atlanta (4 hr drive), or even visiting one of those places that treat you all day (marathon session I think they call it) where they completely clear your face before you leave, anything to just get this taken care of by someone that is good.

Please, any suggestions. I don’t care if they are suggestions that may take me out of town? Or even ones that tell me I am overreacting. All I know is electrolysis is the only thing that will get rid of the hair so please someone help!

I think you’ve answered your own questions here. If you’re feeling as though she’s tweezing, she probably is.

If you were keeping regular appointments and not plucking or waxing while you were getting electrolysis then you should definitely start to feel like things are getting under control after 4 months. One tiny bald spot is NOT too much to ask after that amount of time.

The next step is to make sure you don’t waste any more time or money. You need to contact electrologists and ask them for total treatment times based on the amount of hair on your face.

As far I’m concerned anyone who hems and haws and refuses to give you concrete idea of their effectiveness is a total waste of your time.

The woman who treated me and inspired me to become an electrologist said “out of 100 hairs, 95 won’t come back”. PERIOD. No qualifications, no explanations, no excuses.

It’s that kind of assurance you need to find even if it is 4 hours away.

Good luck!

Thanks I_love_pink for your reply!!

Yes, I did keep regular appointments and defiantly no plucking or waxing. I like your suggestion that I make sure that I get the electrologist to give me some kind of time frame. I guess I should of expected more than the typical, “each person is different” line. Ugh!

Well I have been trying to get a list together of names and numbers of electrologist from here to Atlanta and I began to wonder how much weight if any that I should give someone who has one of those certifications, such as CPE. My present electrologist does not have one or at least is not listed as having one on the AEA website. Do you think that important or just a nice thing but not important.

There’s a website that lists transgendered-friendly electrologists. All the ones I’ve had some experience with on that list do good work, so I would suspect the ones listed for Alabama will too. Here you go:


The AEA certification is a tough one. If someone takes the time and makes the effort to become certified that indicates a level of commitment to professional standards. On the other hand, just because someone isn’t certified it doesn’t mean they’re a lost cause.
Lol, just stay away from answers like this when you’re looking for your next electrologist! You want something more concrete!

Having a certification doesn’t say you are a better practitioner, it just says you either live in a state that requires one, or you voluntarily put in the time and money to get one as a way to show you care enough to do it. It still doesn’t mean you can remove hairs any better, faster, or less expensively (or that you should make more per hour, though you certainly have more expenses)

Get as many sample treatments and consultations as you can, and seek out personal referrals and recommendations from people who are finished and happy with their work.

The certification test is a simple written exam. In my opinion it is completely worthless. It fails to measure the real world ability of the electrologist.

Ok…so the certification is a nice thing, but I should not use it as a weight in my decision making. So I am now wondering if that also applies to state requirements for licensure? I noticed that Tennessee has a state requirement and Alabama and Georgia do not. Thought that might be a plus. Anyone have any thoughts about the value of state requirements?

Another question I would appreciate having answered, is it normal for an electrologist machine to sometimes not zap. In other words, could there be a legitimate reason why she would stick the needle into the follicle but not have the machine produce any electricity?

Getting referrals is my biggest problem which is why I started searching online. There are a couple of ladies locally, but they used the same lady I am using now. However they both got theirs done 7 and 10 years ago. The funny thing is that I do feel that the beard is thinning, but yet there are so many doubts. Like is she tweezing hairs, should my face look this bad for 5-7 days after, is her kill rate high enough. Anyways, I will not be able to relieve my anxiety until I at least try someone else. Of course if I could get some recommendations from people who recently were treated locally or by someone who does those marathon sessions out of town, that would be awesome. Just need to try another electrologist(s).

Thanks so much to you all, your responses have been excellent. Please keep them coming.

I completely agree with I_love_pink… You should get definite answers. If you have to question plucking than that is exactly what it is! The question is do you feel this with most hairs or some? My previous electrologist, I felt 3 of 5 plucked, with my new one, I have felt a slight pull once out of 3 sessions and he did not pull it, but carefully zapped again so it slides out. Try a few different professionals to get a feel for it.

I always look for amount of hours not years. A professional should be able to look at your hair and give you an approximation of hours til finished. I hate when they give years because it means nothing. If I know the underarms will not take more than 7 hours, then I know if I go once a month for 1 hour it will take 7 months…just an example. So ask by hours and try a few people to see the difference in feeling/skills.