feel so so Depressed . so so worry!!!!

Hello! everyone!

I am new member here, i just want to say somehing about how i feel excess hair! I am a male,Chinese, studying in oversea school for 4 years now.

I just feel so depressed EVERYDAY since September 2004. I fight for my acne, excess hair on my face almost every day, they make my daily life so worse. i never leave my house except attend class. i never raise my head while i walking on road, I have 184cm height, and it looks 175 now. i become scare to speak with girls. lots of changes happend to me this year. They brings me a very low confidence! i even thought about suicide for many times before!

mistakely, i used to pluck lots of my hair on cheek for almost 1+ year. and now most of hair become dark, and coarse.the thickness of hiar on my cheek looks like beard hair. (there are about 120+ visible dark, coarse hair on both of my cheeks now). When there was a acne break out last year, so i deciced to stop plucking hair on face, and it had been stopped doing that for almsot 9 months now, and i cut hair using scissors now. It is really so embarrassed for a human to have coarse hair on cheerk.

I alomst lost interesting in everything now, and i scare of making new friends, i afraid they will make fun about my face. my life just sucks

i also worry so many things everyday, i have a very sensitive skin, i still worried that electroylists may not works for me. ( i just stop the treament now, becasue of poor treatment before)

You should really try shaving your cheeks instead of plucking the hair. Not only is it more natural, it is healthier for your skin as well as the hair follicle itself. Don’t be depressed about facial hair, its a natural thing for guys. Plus, I’m sure I have hordes more than you do. Good luck and I hope everything goes better. Never let something this small take control of or over your life.


Thanks for your encourage!

I stop plucking hair for almostt 9 months untile now, and i cut hair using scissors now.

buddy, you need to RELAX. i have been following your posts and you are very tense. let me tell you something. this hair issue is something everyone on this board suffers. You are not alone. Hair is a natural process of life and EVERYONE has hair on their body. People hide it by shaving, bleaching and many things. you are a guy and hair on your cheeks is very very normal. no girl or no friend will make fun of you becasue of that or even care, because this is something that is normal for a man. imagine a woman with hair on her facee and a beard? alot of us have this problem and it should worry us more than it should you. so you need to chill and realize that what you got is very normal and very manageable. all you need are regular treatments with electrolysis and a positive attitude and you will be fine! be grateful for what you got and dont dwell on this problem. life is more than just hair. dont worry so much.


Did acne and unwanted hair start being a bigger problem for you back in September, 2004?

Do you have the option of consulting with another electrologist? If you think you have about 120-300 hairs that are bothersome,this really should not be a problem to remove them for good. As others have said, please try to relax. A calm feeling is a good feeling that will help you figure this out better. If you start a sensible plan to remove the hair with electrolysis, then you will actually make something good happen for you. Make it your mission to find a good electrologist that will understand how sensitive your skin is.

Also, there are great plans to control acne. You may consider taking an antibiotic for “inside” help and likewise using an antibiotic gel with some benzol peroxide for “outside” (topical) help.

Did you know that too much stress can also stimulate hair to grow? You have to work very hard to find some peace and calmness, tommychen, and I know you can do this for yourself. All the questions you have asked are good ones and we’re all here for you and will try to help.


Really appreciae your encourage!

I will try to find a good electroysist in UK,
but it is difficult to find a good electroy in uk, not like States there are lots of proffession electry work there.

I just have acne and unwannt hiar on my face. i have taken some of drug before, but when i took Minocycline (antibacteria)that caused more hair grow on my face. so i just stoped taking that drug.