feel like i a caught in a catch-22

Well, i like to wax my facial hair bc i get the best results, but i also use Differin to treat minor pimples, which i also like because i find it very effective. However, as a result, when i wax, parts os my skin get ripped off. So i thought i would try threading instead. But after threading, i found that i get red and white bumps and acne all over my face. So, i need to use the Differin to clear that up. i have tried using facial depilatories, but the effects only last 1-2 weeks. Is there anything I can do about this?

Differin makes waxing out of the question. If you like the result of epilation but are having problems with threading, you should try the tips I suggested on the other thread. If that doesn’t help, you might try plucking a small area to see if you have the same reaction. Some women also find rotary epilators to work well on the face. You can read more about them in the Rotary Epilator forum.