feedback on laser deal needed asap

Hello :slight_smile: I am new here and need your help.

To start off with I can’t figure out what type I am hair wise.

I am East Indian, in my mid 20’s. Medium brown skin that has a lot of hyper pigmentation and tans easily but never sunburn with medium thick black hair.
I am not what I would call hairy… my facial hair on my sideburns is thin and light but it bothers me a lot.

I am interested in getting laser hair removal since I would like to get rid of the hair once and for all. I have never waxed anything, one bad experience with the pain and all. I shave everything on my body, while I thread my eyebrows and upperlip, and I use a pumice stone for my sideburns.
This shaving has caused my arm,leg,chest,brazilian area to have coarse hair.

I hate the time consuming task of shaving but the pain of waxing scares me, so I would rather take the pain of laser which at least is a permanent method and in the end a cost and time saver.

I found this deal on it’s from LS Laser Clinic here in Vaughn Ontario. It’s $199 for unlimited laser hair removal on unlimited body parts.
They use an ELOS Syneron Laser from what I asked them.

The lady on the phone said I should come in for a consultation prior to buying this package to ensure I am a good candidate. She also agreed to do a spot test. She pointed out that their clinic is very busy so I might not be able to get regular appointments for me to get rid of all my body hair, or my body hair might not be tolerant for laser in some areas over others. <— this part makes me think she is professional and honest since she didn’t promise me a miracle. But the fact I can’t possibly do ALL body parts makes me upset.

Can someone please give me their opinion?

I am an unemployed student at the moment and this deal seems amazing! My friends and family have gotten laser before on their side burns, and upperlip and they paid about $200 in total for the part to be hairfree. They went to random clinics nothing special or extra. In my area of Brampton seems like every Indian Salon can do laser, or so they claim.

I need to decide this by Saturday before the deal expires.

I am extremely interested in the fact it can be done on unlimited body parts.
My plan is to book each one well in advance if that is possible.
My main focus is getting the brazilian done, my upperlip, face sides, and underarms.

The fine print says:
-45 minutes per appointment only
-minimum 2 weeks between each appointment
-minimum 4-6 weeks break between body parts

Please help!!!
I know members will vouch for a better laser possibly but I do not have the funds for one at the moment, can someone just tell me if this particular one advertised is a good idea? FOr this price- I think it can’t be a bad idea right?!

If you don’t have the funds then don’t do the treatment. ELOS is not good and it can burn easily especially on darker skin. You should be using a yag laser, or do electrolysis A lot of deal places let you get a refund if the place turns out weird but from my experience these places that offer “unlimited” on all body parts isn’t exactly that. I assume you’re looking at

The fact there’s no questions and NO terms I’d avoid it immediately. Almost all these details turn out too good to be true. It says unlimited body parts but half the time it turns out that there’s conditions to it.

There’s no real easy answer as you said you’re unemployed. It’s kind of like saying I’m unemployed and have no money but need a recommendation on where I can buy a car. Like not sure what else to say.

Please do a little reading here, and don’t forget to check the links in the body of the thread you are directed to after clicking below.

Thank you for your help everyone much appreciated :slight_smile: