Fed up with female facial hair!

During my little holiday break I have choosen to look into laser hair removal for my most embarassing femal facial hair. I am a tall, athletic, and have a pretty face but recently have become obsessed about removing the dark hair growth on my chin, neck, and cheeks. I would say I’ve almost become depressed because it ways on my mind. I’ve had this problem since I was 18 and it has become worse as time as gone on. I just turned 25. I have torchered myself with deploritories which only seem to burn my skin and rids no hair, I pluck everyday morning and night, and have had to resort to shaving my neck and chin 2 times a day because it grows back so fast. I love to be adventorus and would love to go out without worring about what someone else may see.

I have noticed that Lightsheer has had the most postitive resuts on this page for fair skined people with dark hair. Taking notes from what others have said, should expect to pay around $1500 for all the treatments? I also noticed that some people recommend going to a gynocologist first to see if there are medical issues.

Are there any recomendations for finding a reputable dermotologist in laser hair removal in the area. I found a couple in the phonebook that I will be looking into.

Please help! :confused:

I understand what you are going through. I’ve had facial hair since my teen years and I’m about to be 25. Hang in there and you will find a solution. I have had a couple electrolysis treatments and my skin reaction was bad, bumps and hyperpigmentation(we even tried lowering the settings and the same thing occurred), I just received my first LHR treatment and everything seems fine, no bumps, no hyperpigmentation, less pain and less money for me. I’ll keep you updated if you would like. Just do alot of research, which at times can become more confusing. Good Luck!