Faster results???


I wanted to know if I will get faster results by going to the electrolysist twice a week? Or will I get the same results by going only once a week? Also I wanted to know how many treatments will I need to treat fine hairs on the side of my face , that haven’t been waxed alot? thanks :wink: Oh and another thing…My electrolysist said I would be good if I went in a pool to prevent infection, Anyone heard of this before???(I haven’t)


You will probably not affect your time to completion much by going in twice a week, unless you need to do that to stay clear between sessions.

Total time is very hard to predict, especially with facial hair, since it;s affected more by hormone levels.

The most important thing that will affect treatment is going to the very best person you can, recommended by a client who is done and happy.

I’ve not heard of the getting in a pool thing before. I swam for many years, and pools are not the most sanitary places. Better to keep your skin cleansed at home with a good cleansing agent and if necessary, a mild astringent.


Going twice a week would help shorten your time to completion if you are not able to clear the entire area you are looking for clearance on each time you have an appointment. The sooner one gets to full clearance each and every appointment, the faster on gets to finished. One also will have fewer hours of total treatment time this way.
I have clients who start out with 3 hour appointments, twice or more per week and finish with 15 minute appointments 3 to 6 months apart.

And as for the pool thing. I think she was thinking (erroneously) that the chlorine might be helpful to keeping your skin sanitary. As andrea pointed out, that is not a good idea. Just keep it clean, dry, and use after care products like aloe, cortisone, calamine lotion and or tea tree oil.

James W. Walker VII, CPE — Buffalo NY