fast growing hair

I got my first laser treatment on my neck 8 weeks ago. My hair grows very fast, but I could definitely see a difference. However, I could not resist waxing/plucking about a week and a half ago. I think the hair I waxed has all grown back (again, my hair grows really fast, I used to wax once a week). Have I totally ruined the possible effectiveness of my next laser treatment on friday??? I waxed about two weeks before my first laser treatment as well.


First of all, I doubt that all of the hair grew back. Laser treatments kill most of the active hairs in the treated area. What you were seeing is other hairs that are now becoming active.

As far as waxing, to have the most effective treatments, I would think that you shouldn’t wax at all. If you think you must, then you should wait a very minimum of six weeks before having another laser treatment. Otherwise, you are throwing money away. Relatively speaking, there won’t be very many hairs two that will be effectively treated two weeks after a wax job, even with fast growing hair.

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