FAO Zambo + other london people

Have you guys got any IM clients, MSN, Yahoo etc etc so that i can contact you. I’m looking for places in london too and am would like to talk to you for advice etc if thats ok.

My MSN + email = masikari@hotmail.com

Sorry if this is out of place.

edit:// HAHA you’d think id be able to spell my own name by now! Error fixed

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hey i only have limited time on the net so don’t have those chat programs – but hey, just post away on here and i’ll be happy to stay in touch


I’ve researched lots of places on the net and I’m looking to get a test patch done this month at either Laser Care clinics in Leeds (if they ever get back to me) and Body Smooth in London (who actually bothered to get back to me–albeit after four weeks)