False regrowth, angiogenesis, papules, tombstones

And one ingrown hair.

All these phenomena have occurred in this single image:

A little history of this picture:

On the 3rd of last September, I made a test session in this leg, in order to calculate the TTT. He is a 24 year old male. The session lasted an hour and this was the area that we get clean, about 62 cm2.

After 1 hour:

Today, 36 days after, I took a new picture of the area, and that’s how it is now.

36 Days later:

I can not give a detailed description of what we’re seeing, because here it’s 2 am, and tomorrow, I expect a hard day’s work, but I’m sure someone will do it for me, maybe Michael? :slight_smile:

Great to see Jossie; you sure do have “the eye” for these normal post-treatments do-dads.

I especially like the little “crosses” for the dead stuff (is that right?). “R.I.P. hairs?” New term?

Do you have to use different symbols for these on Jews, Muslims or Hindus? And, maybe the “Peace Symbol” for dead atheist hairs? Gotta be “politically correct” these days.

Yes, indeed. These small crosses represent the residues of dead matter left behind after removing the hair, and now, the skin is taking care to expel.

I really like this new term, “R.I.P. hairs”. Do you know? actually the cross is a pagan symbol appropriated by Christians.
The “Peace Symbol” would not be a bad idea.

But if some symbol really represents what has happened here, that is:

The V of Victoria versus evil hairs.

And we, electrologists, are the true dangerous substance. :wink:

Hahaha! Do you ever sleep, Jossie!

You are most creative! That skull and cross bones picture goes on my list of possible new names for my business - Skull and Cross Bones Electrolysis Studio.

Sorry to bump this somewhat old thread.

Excellent picture Josefa!