False claims

The place i go to used to have a slogan that said eliminate hair once and all forever, now they say they guarantee results 95% permanant hair reduction yet i just had my 14th back treatment and i not getting anywhere. The nurses told me just about everybody with a bad hair problem continues to get txs, some are on their 13th,12th,11th and this could go on for a lifetime. Before my last tx , I told the nurses to max out the joules and do a quick test spot on my back so we did 50j-5ms 10mm spot.apogee 9300. We went ahead and had the tx so im hoping with the extra heat i will get some kind of results. Anybody had the joules this high before and how can this company advertise these claims.

My dear friend,
This is to draw your kind attention that none of the Lasers & IPL-LHE technology can give 100 % guaranteed results. Even world best systems are not approved by FDA for permanent hair removal. All you can get is permanent hair reduction. If you can get more than 50-60 % reduction it’s good. Don’t go for false claims.
In few developing countries some of the Diode companies are making claim that it can give Permanent hair removal which is a false claim. Scientific studies done so far & FDA also says that it can yield partial removal with reduction. So do not go for false claims. Regarding Joules be careful to have treatment by a expert only like a Dermatologist or plastic surgeon who counsel you properly.

Hi dermatologistusa, what kind of Laser do you use in your practice?