Fake Consumer Sites

Hi Andrea:

Mike Jones here. We communicated some time ago but regretfully I lost your email address and cannot find any reference to it on your site.

I recently visited your site again as I like to keep up with latest information and noticed you have a feature on my site at

I understand your motives in wanting to protect the public and think you are doing good work stopping people from getting taken advantage of.

Although your presentation of my internet activity is negative, nevertheless, publicity is still publicity. I wanted to provide with with some updated information so your page can show correct information as some of it has changed.

Could you email me at:
mikejones@vitalstop.com so I can reply with the updated information?

Many thanks.

Mike Jones

Thanks for the note, Mike. I sent the email and look forward to your response.

FYI for hairtell readers:

Mike Jones sells topical hair inhibitors via what looks like a hairfacts-style consumer site. That’s why he gets a hairfacts warning.

He also has a profitable email harvesting/lead generation scheme going by enticing consumers to give him five of their friends’ email addresses for an electronic document called “The Complete Hair Removal Guide.” Far from complete, it’s basically an electronic copy of his site, and another vehicle to generate revenue from hair inhibitors.

For details, please see:

Hairfacts: About-hair-removal.com (WARNING!)

I will update my information once I hear back from him.