fair, sensitive skin & electroylsis


i have fair, sensitive skin (fair w/ freckles, brown hair. i also have hair on/above my upper lip. it’s not terribly dark, but it’s noticeable because my skin is so fair, and it’s kind of long (more than just peach fuzz).

lately, for the past few months, i have been bleaching it. i used to wax it but my skin is so sensitive that it would cause irritation (even when done professionally) that lasted more than just a few hours. plus it grows back kind of stubbly.

bleaching it works ok, but now it only seems to last a few days to a week at most. plus, because my skin is so fair, bleaching makes the hair look yellow - so it almost stands out more.

i am considering electrolysis, but i have some questions.

  1. because of my sensitive skin, will electrolysis cause scarring or a reaction?

  2. about how much could i anticipate spending per treatment, and how many treatments are usually necessary (i know that it can be up to a year)?

  3. if i am not a good candidate for electrolysis, what other methods might be better?

i tried electrolysis several years ago on some stomach hairs and had ok results (i didn’t go for a long enough time b/c i was an impatient teenager). some hairs are gone, some i still pluck. my skin was always red and bumpy afterward at least until the next day. and i found it to be very painful, but not excrutiating.

any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Meerkat,
I’m not an electrologist, so I can’t answer most of your questions. But I’ve seen lots of yellow bleached moustaches walking around so I personally think bleaching isn’t much of a solution. And waxing just stimulates the hair follicles to grow more thicker and darker hairs. I also don’t know if you’re a good candidate for laser, because of your freckles.

You could maybe try electrolysis once, to see how your skin reacts. Maybe only a short amount of time–5 or 10 minutes so you don’t stress the skin out. Schedule your appointments for the evening on a night when you’ll stay home. If you’re worried about someone seeing your red lip, maybe coverup will work till you get home? Or a radical idea: Wait until winter to try this. On the way home from your session, you could cover your face with a scarf! (If you’re in Illinois for the winter, not Florida, I guess!)

I hope this helps.