Facts on electrolysis for teenage/young adult male

Hello i have seen a lot of posts regarding hair cycles and hair growth and all the facts etc, but this is mostly for females.

Could someone possibly do the same in regards too male hair growth on the face and how effective electrolysis would be.

How permanent will the results be ? ,How the hair cycles will work etc ? Hormones , regrowth etc.

And anything else relevant too young adults embarking on electrolysis.

I would really appreciate some clarification and reassurance through solid information and facts… because at the moment i am really confused.

There really is nothing different about doing male facial hair other than the fact that there are usually more of them to do. This means it takes more time to get to First Clearance, and more total hours of treatment to get to Final Clearance, but in the end, it is all the same on a per hair basis.