i want to lose the 5 oclock shadow… i have darkish and fast growing facial hair… about dunno, half? a mm apart… will thinning out the hairs using electrolosys make my skin less prickly and dark… or will it just look weird…
And say if i did thin it out with elec… whats a ballpark figure how long it would take?

Thinning it out can make your face softer, and lighter. If it is done right, you won’t look weird at all, just like you always had fewer hairs in the first place.

Without seeing you, and doing a test patch, no one can tell you how much time, or money you would spend having it finished, and even then, they could only guestimate what it would take for THEM to clear YOU based on what you have told them you want done, and their skill at providing that service and your availability for treatment time and frequency.