facial waxing

This summer I noticed more facial hair on my cheeks. I proceeded to wax them off. Unfortunately, the hairs are coming in more blunt and noticeable. I am having to wax more frequently. By waxing will I eventually develop a “shadow” on my face? Can vaniqa be used in conjunction with waxing?
Thank you.

the hair should not appear coarser unless u r breaking it on the surface instead of pulling it from the roots, a common mistake when wax is pulled incorrectly.

there’s a moisturizer by Aveeno that promises to reduce/fade facial hairs in a couple of weeks. i don’t quite remember the name, but it’s easy to find. try that!

also, try bleaching. i don’t wax my face, i bleach, and it works wonders (i am tan though).

dont bleach
it can cause thickening in the shaft
you can use vaniqua with waxing but double check with you dr
usually you will just want to avoid any topical applications for a day or so after
you might consider trying a professional who uses hard wax because it sounds like you are having a bunch of breakage