Facial Swelling with Lightsheer

Hello Board~

Has anyone experienced swelling after being treated? After this treatment, I have swollen knots in several areas of my face. The swelling seems to be localized. The worst spot is on one side of my chin. The right side of my chin is nearly 1/4" lower than the other side. It sort of feels like a little cyst. My face looks really odd. Any suggestions how to stop it from swelling more? What causes this to happen?

Background info:

Treated entire beard area (male) 6 hours ago with the Lightsheer laser, 28 joules/30 ms. I’m not new to being treated, 9th treatment in 13 months for this stubborn area. Last treatment was 5 weeks ago, 26 joules/ 30 ms. I used a different technician who was very thorough. She slightly overlapped the laser tip while treating me to lessen the chances of missed spots. We used a lot more laser lotion than the previous treatments.

Thanks in Advance,