Facial Hair

i am a 23 years old male, i have hair all over my face specially at my forehead over my eyebrow, my eyebrow is so bushy,i have hair inside, outside and on the lobe of my ear.my eyebrow hair is thick and it looks wired specially in the sun. i tried many times to trim my ear hair but it keeps growing thicker and increased in more places, whenever i try to remove hair it grows in other places and it increases. what should i do? is there any other solution than laser as it costs too much



All I can suggest for this problem is electrolosis despite the cost involved.


Yeah I guess you only really have only 2 solutions. Laser or Electrolysis. Since it’s not a large area I would say go with electrolysis, since it’s also cheaper. Where do you live? There should be plenty of places to go to. There are also some creams like Jergens that are like shave minimizing moisturizers. Good luck,

i live in NY. what if i used electrolysis, will the hair grows blacker and increases in other areas like when i trim it.what about my eyebrow even if i used electrolysis the hair itself became wired specially in the sun. is there a cream or anything to use?

Properly done electrolysis removes the hair, and there is no other effect in the long term.

Those creams minimize your perception of growth by making the hairs softer to the touch, so you don’t experience the feeling of stubble as quickly.

why do when i trim the hair it increases in other places where there was no hair in it? is that normal?