facial hair


I am in my early 20’s and I have got black hairs all the way up to my eyes and nose. The ones very close to my nose and eyes are not visible to the human eye unless very closely inspected. The only problem is that I am scared that if I start shaving too close to my nose and eyes that these minute hairs will grow. At the moment I have a beard to avoid such a scenario. I have 2 questions: 1) If I shave these very small hairs, will they grow back longer 2) is electrolysis more effective (will I need fewer sessions) on peach fuzz (which at the moment is the barrier between my beard and the minute hair).

May be some of the experts have advice (James, Dee and others).


Shaving will not effect the hair growth. If you see more and coarser hair popping out there in the next 10 years, don’t blame shaving for it, but only your own body (i.e. genetics, hormones, etc).

If laser is the other option that you are considering, I don’t beleve that it can have much effect on the type of hair that you’re describing.

The body seems to know (fairly well) what hairs should grow and what shouldn’t… I know from shaving my head, I often end up shaving some part of my forehead, and I don’t have a hairy forehead… I also get the odd big dark hair getting closer to the eyes, or higher on the cheeks than I would like… these get removed…

I wouldn’t worry about shaving that area…

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