facial hair

my problem is that all my face is covered by thin facial hair which i have notice grow more and more over the years. the dermatologist i consulted told me laser treatment is not guaranteed in my case, because hair are thin and brown, and that there is a possility the my hair will regrow coarser and darker than before.
is there any way to get rid of them? can it be that after laser treatment you may look more hairy than before?

Yes, it is possible that LASER hair removal will in fact cause you to grow more, and thicker hairs when the treatment is completed. I have had more than one client who has had that experience.

If you can find a good electrologist in your area who is skilled, has the proper equipment and patient enough to clear your area, you will be very well taken care of.

Your particular problem requires very good vision equipment so that the dark vellus hairs you speak of may be treated without surface skin damage from someone using a circle lamp gusstimating the location of the opening of your tiny follicles.