facial hair

HI, I had emailed hairsgone@yahoo.com two times and waited real long like 2 weeks. So can you guys read my posts again and tell me which electrologist I should go to. I live in North New Jersey. I can go in New York City or around here. Help me guys and Andrea and Mr. Walker. I hate my face myself. I am too down feel too bad.If you go down to the 11 posts with Sahara where the topic is-need advice, read it and this way you know stuff I went through my problems and will refresh your memory , thank you bye now

I read your story in your previous email. First-off, I have a few recommendations:

  1. Do not wax your facial hair - waxing your facial hair will make your problem worse and also makes it more difficult to remove your hair permanently by electrolysis. Reason being is that when you pull your hair out of your hair follicle, you increase the blood supply to the hair follicle which then results in a thicker and coarser hair. I would recommend trimming your hair between electrolysis sessions. And, if your hair is still visible after trimming, you should bleach it - but, if you can avoid waxing her face as it will be very difficult and expensive to achieve a permanent result
    2)birth control pills - you should be taking a high estrogen birth control pill with Aldactone (spironolactone) - 100mg of aldactone per day. Spironolactone blocks the testosterone at the hair follicle (testosterone is what is giving you this facial hair). You should be taking aldactone for a year. You should see an endocrinolgist for this medication - don’t see a dermatologist as this is a hormonal problem and an endocrinologist will know more about your problem.
  2. If you are afraid of scarring from electrolysis, use the blend bethod. The blend method combines both thermolysis and glavanic electrolysis. I use only the galvanic method as my skin is very sensitive to heat (thermolysis hair removal is based on heat whereas galvanic electrolysis is based on a chemical lye that is produced which kills the hair follicle). However, the galvanic electrolysis method takes much longer - therefore, I would suggest trying the blend method first. If you scar from the blend method, then use straight galvanic electrolysis. Your aunt probably got the scarring from using too high of heat while getting thermolysis done.

I hope this helps!!!