facial hair??

I’m a female, and I consider myself to have more facial hair than most other women. It’s nothing extreme or embarrassing, since it’s white and very fine. I still think it’s more visible than it should be, and I’m wondering if I should just get over it or maybe try something. Right now I go to an electrologist for some upper lip hair, because it’s darker than the rest. Do you think I should have her do more around my face, or would that just take forever? It’s mostly the areas the the sides of my lips that bother me, but I’m wondering if I cut down on that area if it would make the rest look weird. Thanks for the advice, and it’s late over here so sorry if I don’t make sense. :smile:

If you are going on a good schedule, you will find that the time needed to maintain your look will start to decrease. What most clients do is keep the appointment time constant, and use the extra time to open up work in other areas. If you do this, your upper lip will be clean and clear, and the surrounding hair you speak of will slowly dissappear as well.

If you keep it up, there will be no hair for you to see, or anyone else. Just don’t spend time looking at yourself in those Super Magnifying Mirrors. Doing that will only give you an unrealistic idea of what you look like.