facial hair regrowth post waxing

i currently wax my upper lip and it grows in smoothly. i want to wax the rest of my face (chin, sideburns, cheeks, and neck) but i’m afraid that hair will grow in stubbly and prickly. can anyone please let me know what the regrowth will be like? thanks.

Hi Misty,
Don’t do it!! It’s one of the worst mistakes I ever made. If you want to get rid of facial hair then the only thing that works is electrolysis. I used to wax my face and it made the hairs grow back longer and thicker! Read up about it on the internet beforehand because I thought that it would be the same as with waxing your legs (some people find that it minimizes the hair growth) but it’s not. The circulation is different on your face and pulling the hair out at the root actually stimulates the root.

The hairs that you are worried about are probably not that noticeable. If you wax your cheeks - believe me those hairs will become very noticeable and I also lost elasticity in my skin - it looked a lot older and my pores appeared a lot larger. I’ve been having electrolysis once a week for six weeks or so on my face. I now go every fort night. The hairs are growing back very fine and hardly at all on my upper lip! Cheeks look great and my pores are hardly noticeable. I still need to trim the hairs (using nail scissors) but at least they are manageable and hopefully with more treatments will eventually stop growing altogether.

Waxing does not make the hair grow in thiker or create stubble, that is purely a myth. The only perminant way to remove hair is electrylosis but if you are interested in temporary means waxing is probebly the best option. The only thing that can cause increased hairgrowth are changes in hormone levals that can occure naturally or because of interaction with some medications. Stubble like you see after shaveing is caused by the razor cutting off the hair at its thickest point and at a sharp angle.