facial hair - please help

Hello everyone,
I have facial hair, mostly on my upper lip and chin.
What’s the best method to remove this hair permanently?
Did anyone try “rem spring” and can tell me if it works?

Thank you

I ordered r.e.m spring from their website, I will let you know how well it works.

Have you ever heard of electrolysis? It is the gold standard for PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL. Nothing else can come close to the areas you want done.

Yes, I have.
Does it hurt?
What are the risks for facial skin?

Does it hurt?

Some hairs hurt more than others. Some areas hurt more than others. Some electrologists have better insertion skills than others. Some electrologists have better epilators than others. Some clients have better sensation tolerance than others. My ex-laser and tattoo clients report to me that electrolysis hurts far, far less than laser hair reduction and tattooing. Of course, I do PicoFlash thermolysis mainly on an Apilus Platinum, so that helps with the sensation part.

HINT: try your hardest to find an electrologist that has invested in newer technology relating to the epilator choice. The Apilus people have 27 megahertz technology that is very helpful and the brainiac’s at Silhouet-Tone have done well with their product, the Silhouet-tone VMC model, which is the top of the line for their epilator. There are other great epilators that I have not had the privilege to work with, but other electrologists can testify about what they use. A skilled electrologist, with great tools will bring you home if you allow her to do her thing for about 9-18 months give or take.

Facial skin hair risks are not a problem if you are in good hands with a modern, skilled professional electrologist. Read more here on hairtell or go to www.electrology.com . Grant it, some stories here on hairtell are not so favorable and those are the ones we always hear about of course, but there are plenty of positive comments here as well from those that have finished or are well into their treatments that will give you courage. Don’t be afraid of electrolysis, just do a lot of research here on this website so you know when something doesn’t seem right. Lastly, you can always come here when you get in to it and ask questions along the way to double check things.


If you can afford it than try epiface.
you pay more but…
this is a real swiss quality & life time warranty!


Keep in mind, anything that plucks hairs out of your skin has the potential to cause thickening of the hairs, increased number of hairs growing in the area, ingrown hairs, pigment change, distorted hairs, and hairs growing like a river underneath the skin’s surface.

i use an face epilator on my side burns. is that the same as plucking?

Yup. It pulls out hair.

so what should i use instead of that. becasue i am thinking of starting electrlysis but not for a couple of months. but i wanna use soemthing for my sideburns until i start electrolysis. and also dont wanna use soemthing like plucking/tweezing/epilaing as that could be bad for electrolysis.


Well… a picture would help, but you can shave, clip, bleach until you are ready to start. A depilatory can be used as well.

Can you submit a picture?

i don let the hair to be big enough to come in pikture sooryy

I suggest using rem spring ive been using it for quite some time and all i have to say about it are good things they also make a new product called hair-nix and hair-nix is amazing at first i didnt think it was working but after about a month of use my hair really slowed down and i used it with the rem spring and now any type of shaving is out the door. i wont go back…