facial hair - i don't know if i have PCOS help

hi, I am 17 and have facial hair and irregular periods

the doctor said I probably have PCOS so I went for a sonogram, but they didn’t see any cysts. they gave me birth control, I took it like every other day… not faithfully. I made a two month supply last for 4 months, I got my period for those four months.
before that I was taking saw palmetto which brought on my period 2 out of the 3 months I took it.

now I went back on saw palmetto and have not gotten my period for two months.

should I go back on the pill?

what can they prescribe for me to stop the hair growth??

please help, my doctors are not helpful at all. neither is my mother, she doesn’t think it is important.

Hi Victoria! you need to get your gyno doc to run a fasting glucose test and a testosterone level test. there may be more, but i’m not sure of the names. if you do indeed have PCOS, having hair removal right now is pretty much a waste of money, b/c more hair will continue to grow, and spread. I was diagnosed about 4 months ago by my gyno, and she sent me to an Endocrinologist. This doc. is a hormone/reproductive doctor and knows alot more about PCOS than your gyno probably. i’ve been put on metformin (diabetes meds.) b/c my insulin levels were extremely high. having high insulin effected everything from my period, which i haven’t had in like 2 1/2 years to excess hair. I completely understand people not understanding or not thinking it’s important. I wish i had more knowledge about this at 17, rather than 24…the earlier you catch it, the easier it will be to treat. if your gyno doc won’t help you, go find another one…that’s what i had to do. once you’re diagnosed and are put on meds…hair removal will be your next option…and that’s the stage i’m in now! good luck…and ask questions…and try to inform yourself as much as possible. another good site for PCOS is called Soul Cysters