Facial Electroylsis in SF Bay Area?

I’ve just been advised that electrolysis for facial hair removal should only be undertaken by a professional.

I just started trying to remove my beard w/Silk’n (no need to get into a discussion of whether it’ll work or not here – been through that already in the Laser Sub-forum – and FWIW, if it doesn’t work on my beard, I’m going to get professional laser treatments to remove the black hair in my beard instead. Problem is, there’s lots of white hair in my beard too, which obviously won’t come out w/Silk’n or Laser.

So, if I shouldn’t try to use One-Touch on my face for fear of facial injury, as I’ve already been warned, does anyone have a recommendation for a well-qualified electrogist to remove facial hair who practices in the SF Bay Area? Please advise. Thanks.